Death In A Lonely Land by Peter Hathaway Capstick

I’d just like to say right now that I have absolutely no desire to go hunting for anything that has earned it’s reputation as a man eater or even anything that could possibly do so in the future. I do not want to go hunting animals that may attempt to eat me before I eat them. I do not want to hunt animals that don’t want to eat me but would be satisfied with stomping me into a pulp. I really don’t want to go hunting for something that would like to pound me into a pulp and then eat me afterward with nothing but a few dogs and a really big knife.  Yet, for some reason I love reading about people who do.

Maybe I’m nuts, or maybe it is that Capstick is an especially engaging author, pick up something of his and let me know!

Would I recommend it? Yes.  This book of his is not all big game hunting, it also has fishing, some discussions on firearms and ammo, (now I want a fully automatic BB gun, and that’s not something I ever expected to say) and bit of bird hunting.  While the variety of topics is nice the benefits of using a tube fly for salmon just don’t have the same memorable qualities as a “Midnight Date With A Black Jaguar!”

2 comments on “Death In A Lonely Land by Peter Hathaway Capstick

  1. John says:

    If you find this one interesting, read “Death in the Silent Places”, also by Capstick. No boring fishing stories and you get to read about the black mamba in the outhouse in the dark AND the wounded leopard in the dark. And I think the better of the two books, although I blew through this one (even read it before Jessie could finish).

  2. […] sure where this is all coming from, (because to answer my cousin, no, I have not been reading them Peter Capstick stories) but it seems I have accidentally imparted upon my girls a considerable respect for large […]

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