Just Imagine

Just imagine waking at five am to the sound of a crying kid and realizing that your air conditioner has broken.

Then imagine getting the kid back to sleep but being unable to fall back asleep yourself because the five and a half straight hours of sleep you just got was so much better than normal it’s almost like you aren’t tired.  Plus you are panicking about the broken air conditioner since it’s five am and the temperature is already nearing 80.

Imagine that after you do fall back asleep you are violently woken up when hearing…


…and all that that implies.

In case you are having trouble imagining the implications let me help you:

1) Daughter is out of bed, down stairs helping herself to freeze pops for breakfast without your knowledge.

2) Freezer has clearly quit working, (insert very bad words of your choosing here).

3) If the freezer isn’t working, the fridge probably isn’t either (more bad words here).

4) Remember that the air conditioner is broken and that the house is now nearing 80 degrees, consider what that means to food in non-working refrigerator (bad words here).

5) Realize that you were in fact quite tired and that your now cumulative six and half hours of sleep doesn’t seem like near enough and that more sleep is clearly out of the question.

Imagine that the adrenaline involved in the situation is enough stimulant to have you out of bed shuffling thawing food into the chest freezer before your eyes are fully opened and you’ll just have imagined my day before 8am.


The good news –

-we have a spare fridge

-we have a chest freezer

-it rained all morning so it is only now approaching beastly hot

-my fridge needed cleaning out and defrosting anyway

-the pigs like it when I clean the fridge


Despite the “good news” I’m hoping you all only ever have to imagine such a morning!

3 comments on “Just Imagine

  1. John says:

    I don’t think this is nearly as bad as the time I woke up on a January morning, thought the house was a bit colder than usual and found that it was 40 degrees in the living room! Not to mention I think you were home with a newborn. Of course with the wood stove, we had the house back to 80 within about 30 minutes. Although, I guess the take home lesson is to have redundant systems for critical stuff (chest freezer, extra fridge, wood stove)…….. which means we need a generator for the sump pumps so we don’t float away some night during a power outage.

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