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When visiting my blog you’re much more likely to come across a muddy kid, a dead animal, or a sleeping dog than any sort of crafting post.

That’s because I sort of hate crafting things with my kids.

I know it sounds horrible, but I justify my reluctance with the fact that I’m more open to it than John, who if given his way would throw out all the crayons in the house.  Of course Ivy and Clara love it when we (read I, the crayon-hater does none of this) set up any sort of crafting activity for them.  And that right there is the problem – the set up.

First I have to have an idea. I’m full of ideas, ideas for animals to raise, home improvement projects, dessert, kiddy crafting ideas… not so much.  Fortunately, thanks to the beauty of the internet, I can use other peoples’ ideas.  Believe me, if you’ve never done a little web surfing for kids’ crafts, I’ll just let you know that there are approximately seventy bazillion crafty blogs out there to choose from, all with fantastic super-cool crafts.   Just be careful because at least one bazillion will make you wonder, if these authors can make and decorate their entire home with the help of their smiling children (whom they have taken beautiful step-by-step pictures of)  why your big accomplishment of the day was to get everyone’s hair brushed.  Then, if by chance I happen to actually have all the needed supplies for the super-cool craft, (and brushed hair) I have to find said supplies,  set it all up, get the kids engaged and then finally finishing whatever it is because the kids get bored.  So there I am (with my brushed hair) sitting at the table by myself with a gigantic mess wondering why I bothered.  Needless to say a fun afternoon of crafting is not really my kind of afternoon.

Enter Kiwi Crate.

Kiwi Crate is a website that sells a monthly subscription where your kids get a crate in the mail with themed projects in them. Sounds awesome right? I agree, but we don’t do that. What I do do is follow their blog, and my very favorite part of the Kiwi Crate blog is Tuesdays, because Tuesdays are two ingredient Tuesdays. Crafts and activities that involve two common items, now that’s something I can wrap my non-crafting head around. Often it’s just something small to keep a kid briefly entertained , like putting a penny in a balloon. But that’s great because I have pennies, I have balloons and it will take me 45 seconds to put them together and if they hate it (which they didn’t, it was a huge hit) there is very little to clean up. Cookie cutter tracing was another big hit for the girls and today we added crayons to hot rocks for some melty fun. While today’s project was a bit messier than I normally undertake, I have crayons (because John hasn’t won the anti-crayon war yet) I have rocks and a bit of a mess was alright on a rainy afternoon.

The blog also has tons of other ideas, involving more than two items.  We’ve made marshmallow launchers and frozen toys in a big block of ice for excavation on a hot day and done some salt painting – all with stuff around the house. So, while I continue to figure out how I can justify the expense of the awesome sounding monthly crates (Damn Dave Ramsey, again!) I’ll be a regular reader of the Kiwi Crate blog. The girls are loving it, I’m enjoying it more than I would have guessed and the crayon-hater…  he’s hopeless!

5 comments on “The Kiwi Crate Blog

  1. Quizzical Creatures says:

    Thank you so much for your lovely (and funny) writeup! I’m one of the writers for the blog, and I’m so glad that the blog has helped you find activities to do with your kids!

    Our CEO just appeared in a Two-Ingredient Tuesday segment for BetterTV. Thought you might get some ideas… 🙂

  2. Jenny says:

    This is that blog you told me about! I am so glad you blogged about it because I have forgotten all about!

    I will check them out now, because I am in agreement with you on setting up crafty things for my kids to do. The thought of the mess at the end is what always makes me not follow through with a project.

    • Jessie says:

      You should check out the marshmallow launchers, I bet your boys would love them. Instead of giving my girls marshmallows I showed them how to pick the green burrs of the burdock and shoot those, If you hung up an old blanket you could even make a target.
      And if you try any especially good ideas out you’ll have to let me know!

      • Jenny says:

        I am loving that site right now! The burdock shooter sounds good to me! I could use an old towel and then burn it, seeds and all! With the lack of livestock in our pasture the burdock and thistles will take over next year.

        It is super cool that one of the writers visited your blog!

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