Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

I have been thinking for awhile it would be fun to try one of the many, many, online weekly photo challenges. Just a way to have a little fun with my camera and improve my picture taking skills a bit.  This week I noticed that WordPress hosts a photo challenge so I thought I’d join in. Then I saw the theme of the week was “regret” and I thought I’d start on a week with something a bit easier. Regret, fortunately, isn’t something I have a lot of. Mud, frustration and insanity I’ve got in scads but I’m pretty good at having no regrets. But a challenge is a challenge so I’d been thinking about it this week.

Then today I finished the last of my fancy Valentines Day chocolate and I was very much regretting my inability to ration my chocolate and make it last.  Apparently I’m not without regrets after all but at least I had a subject!

At nap time today I took my brief alone time to set up my tiny photo shoot and in the five minutes I had before kids woke up crying, demanding sustenance and asking five million questions about my tulip and empty wrapper, I managed to play with settings on my camera I don’t normally use and remind myself of a few basic things.

Like backgrounds.

They should always be checked for unseemly dark blobs!

2 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

  1. Corky says:

    Good luck with the weekly challenge, you’re off to a good start…..besides, who the hell can ration chocolate??

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