A Miracle of Motherhood

It’s said that motherhood is full of life changing miracles.

And it is, I know because as a kid I often woke up on the floor.

I fell out of bed in my sleep.

I also woke up upside down, sideways, tangled in blankets, without blankets, or huddling under a pillow because the blankets had disappeared from the bed or not followed me onto the floor. On camping trips my family would put me on the end of the tent next to my Dad to me to keep me in my corner.

I still woke up along everyone’s feet.

In fact it wasn’t until I got married that I finally ended up facing the right way every morning. Of course John and I plus a cat, and often a dog leaves very little room to wiggle much less thrash. (Did I mention we have a full sized bed, that Piper used to share with us? I was stuck!) While I have not woken up on the floor for many years neither have I manged to outgrow my tendency to thrash and move around all night stealing blankets in the process.

Enter motherhood.

Now I can lay down in bed next to an infant, do a lot of rustling to arrange us both just right, fall asleep and wake up hours (sometimes even four!) later in exactly the same position.

Exactly the same position.

I don’t even steal her blanket.

It’s a miracle of motherhood if I’ve ever heard one.

3 comments on “A Miracle of Motherhood

  1. John says:

    You don’t have to steal her blanket. You still steal mine!

  2. jaymarie says:

    awww. sweet sleepy girl pic.

  3. Gramp & Granny says:

    Sweet picture of Jane and of Clar on “Down” We love to see all he girls and he are changing so fast. We are anxious to hug you all Gramp & Granny

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