Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

In the course of the week this photography challenge has given me a new philosophy.

Don’t look down!

Down is mud. Down is dirt on the floor. Down is whining kids on your leg. Down is Trip about to jump up with muddy paws. Down is Storm getting ready to make sawdust of a stick on your foot. Down is the stuff that I never put away, the toys the kids haven’t put away, the food the falls on the floor. Down is bad.

From now on I’m looking up. I’m looking over, I’m looking sideways, I’m looking out, I’m looking anywhere but straight down!

That’s where I find my husband, happy kids, running dogs, where I can almost see the yard for the mud, and where the dirt and mess on floor can be overlooked for a bit as I go about enjoying my day.

I’ll be working on keeping my chin up, literally, except for a few moments like this, when it pays to look down.


2 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

  1. jaymarie says:

    ❤ the sweetness.

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