Clara’s Favorites at Two Years Old

Since I had so much fun with Ivy and her favorites I thought I’d ask Clara about hers as well.

Clara, what’s your favorite…

Color- blue

Animal – camels (???)

Food – french fries

Clothes- jumpin’ suit

Dog – Storm (“She even wick me!)

Cat – Fiona

Person -“YOU!”

Thing to do – play

Thing to do outside -Play in sand box.

Chore- “Goin’ in the house.” (Me: That’s not a chore! Clara: “GOIN’ IN THE HOUSE!” Me: Ok!)

Time of day – Friday (Didn’t pursue that one, after the chore conversation.)

Place to go  -Johnny’s house (She’s never been there.)

Thing to do at the park. “Wheeeeeeeeee down slide.” (Me: “Slide down slides?” Clara: “No, Wheeeeee down slide.”)

Book –Go Dog Go! (“It’s dog party!”)

Thing to do with Ivy -Play in sand box.

Thing to do with Jane – “Say peek-a-boo!”

Friend – IVY!

Meal – pancakes

Movie -nothin’  (I’m not surprised the girl won’t watch a whole movie even if I want her to!)

To do in the car-” Drive.” (Me: “Drive?” Clara: “Yeah, DRIiiiiive.”

Song – “Rum tum tum” (She means the Little Drummer Boy but she gets her rum pa pa pums mixed up with the rat a tat tat, rum a tum tums from the book The Boy With A Drum.)

Flower – tulip (Probably because she’s looking at one on the table right now, I can tell because she called it “your yellow flowers”.)

Farm Animal – goat

After that exchange there is only one thing I can think to say. In the word(s) of my friend Katie that was:


8 comments on “Clara’s Favorites at Two Years Old

  1. Susie says:

    The goat comment is disturbing. Maybe you could send her to a farm specialist to work this out.

  2. Jenny says:

    This is an awesome idea! And very funny!

  3. Katie Sal says:

    And that’s what I did say, at least 3 times while reading this! 🙂

  4. Johnny says:

    “camels (???)” hahahahaha, she cracks me up!

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