Clara’s Favorites at 5 Years Old

Clara what’s your favorite…clara in sunglasses

Color – Blue- that’s easy!

Animal –Cats

Food – Bratwurst, on the grill. (With no bun and lots of ketchup for dunking.)

Clothes – “Dress with circle-y star thingy and blue pants.” (You got that, right? Let me help, a black and white tied dyed dress with dark blue leggings.)

Dog – Rosie at Grandma Mary’s, but at our house Trip. (My dog wins again!)

Cat – Gypsy (Gypsy starts purring when she realizes I’m going to lift her up and tuck her in with Clara at night. Once she’s tucked in you can hear her right across the room!)

Person – Lola

Thing to do – Eat popsicles. (She wants to eat popsicles even when it’s freezing cold and nasty outside. We do not see eye to eye on popsicle eating.)

Thing to do inside – Watch Doc McStuffins. (Once. I think she’s watched that here once. I think her favorite thing to do is run around the circle that makes up the bottom of the house, chasing her sisters and her friends and screaming every time they see each other. Or it just seems like it because of the loud factor.)

Chore –Feeding the cats. (Clara is a very good cat feeder. Apparently it’s because cats are her favorite animal. Good thing I ask these questions so I figure this stuff out.)

Time of day – In the night time. Because sometimes at book club we get to see your friends. (Guess who just hosted book club?)

Place to go –Grandma Pat’s- even on Halloween. (I have no idea what the “even on Halloween” refers to. Grandma Pat got them all awesome costumes last year and I hate Halloween. It should say especially on Halloween! But you know, she’s five, so maybe that’s what she meant.)

Song – Bursts into song “Cows go white on the mountain tonight, not a cow to be seen, a kingdom of isolation and it looks like I’m the cow…” (And for the uninitiated yes, that was Let it Go, with Cows.)

Flower – Strawberry flowers AND pansies.

Farm Animal – giggle giggle Cats. Nope, weirdos. Just kidding cats. (So, cats then, definitely cats.)

Friend – Lola

Movie – Ok I’ll tell you my favorite movie now. What’s it called… What’s it called, the movie Jessie. (We had to come back to this one before she would grace me with an answer. Jessie is a TV show and while I can’t say I dislike the name it’s a pretty crap looking show. All I can say is that she doesn’t know about it from our house.)

Thing to do with Ivy –  Play American Girl dolls. (This is the year that Darling and Mamma games finally died HOORAY!!!)

Thing to do with Jane –Play Minnie Mouse.

Thing to do with Dad – Pick apples! (They both like climbing the trees!)

Thing to do with Me – Clara: “What do you think? We do it in the greenhouse lots of times.” Me: “Plant seeds?” Clara: “Yeah! or pot plants!”

Book – I have two favorites, the Boxcar Children that we are reading right now, (Surprise Island) and Ulysses and Flora (A hilarious chapter book by Kate DiCamillo that we are half way through and all loving!)

Meal – Dinner

Thing to do in the car – Drive. Insert shit eating grin. Play on my drawin’ board.  Eat breakfast get in the car and go with our stuff. (She’s a girl who likes road trips!)

What do you want to do when you grown up? – That’s an easy one! Go in the Rodeo!!! (I have it on good authority that she’s not interested in bull riding. Phew!)

Anything else? –Nope.Clara

And that wraps up the girls’ favorites for the year! Clara has had some very amusing answers in the past but her answers at four are a personal favorite of mine:

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