Clara’s Favorites at Six Years Old

Clara what’s your favorite…DSCN4696-(2sm)

Color –  Blue

Animal – “Like bees? Are you going to ask me about bugs? … Yeah? Then cats are my favorite animal.”

Bug- Bees!!! (Who would have guess it?)

Food – Pizza

Clothes –  “I don’t really know, fancy clothes?” Me: “Are they your favorite?” Clara:  “No, Lola’s.”  (Much discussion followed and I discovered that Lola’s fancy clothes are Clara’s favorite clothes to wear.)

Dog – Trip and Rosie

Cat – “It used to be Fiona but now it’s Gypsy.” (Poor Fiona has been gone for just over a year now.)

Person – You and Dad

Thing to do – Play at the waterpark when I go to Wisconsin Dells with Lola. ( You might not know this yet, but everything eventually comes back to her best friend Lola. Everything.)

Thing to do inside – Play with cats.

Chore – Baby ducks and baby geese. Me: “How come.” Clara: “That they are fuzzy.” (Can’t argue, fuzzy baby birds are the best.)DSCN3161-(2sm)

Time of day – The afternoon. Me: “How come?” Clara: “Because you don’t have to do chores and you don’t have to eat dinner.” Me: “You don’t like eating dinner?” Clara: “Yeah, it’s weird I like lunch more cause I usually have tiny lunches.” (It’s good she has a reason… right?)

Place to go – Wisconsin Dells with Lola.

Song – My songs know what you did in the dark – Fall Out Boys

Flower – I don’t know. But my least favorite kind of flower is thistles. (And see there is an answer to a question I never even thought to ask!)

Farm Animal – Horses. Or bunnies. Do you know what my favorite kind of horse is? Me:  “No.” Clara: “The kind that, um, um, I might have… One of these, I don’t remember what kind I think it’s a tinker.” (So the question is, Clara, do you know your favorite kind of horse?)

Thing about school – You don’t have to do chores.

Friend – Lola (Surprise!)

Movie – Bernstein Bears (that’s a movie?) but at school my favorite video is Olivia.

Thing to do with Ivy – Play fairy gardens.

Thing to do with Jane – Play dress up.

Thing to do with Dad – Help him coil up the rope. (Old wire fence, fun right? Right…)

Thing to do with Me – Gardening

Book – Bees. The one where you can see the mite close up on a bee. (Because she knows her bees and her bee parasites!)

Meal – Dinner (Wait, I thought diner was weird?)

Thing to do in the car – Color

What do you want to do when you grown up? You know… be a bee keeper! (It’s true, I did know.)

Anything else? –

Bookmark- Bee bookmark

Tree- Apple

Favorite kind of apple – Golden Delicious

“Oh for flowers I remembered what it was. Petunia. NO apple blossom.”


(Good thing I asked!)DSCN4695-(2sm)

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10 comments on “Clara’s Favorites at Six Years Old

  1. jenanita01 says:

    You must be so proud of Clara, I know I would be…

  2. What a wonderful post. Be sure to print and save. She’ll want to look back at this and smile her pretty smile!

  3. Imelda says:

    So precious! Good thing you have this record for her to remember. She’ll thank you for this. 😊

  4. A. Mouse says:

    What a cutie! Maybe she’ll be a bee expert when she gets big, but let’s hope she stays small for a while longer.

    • Jessie says:

      A friend and I are giving a talk on bees at our library, I should probably have Clara do my part, she could teach everyone all sorts of things! 🙂

  5. Susie says:

    As for “coiling rope” we have lots of fun here! Visit more!

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