Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

While my own self imposed photo challenge rule states that I must take the picture after I find out the challenge, I broke that rule this week.

So I made a new rule.

New Rule:

I will always take a picture after I find out the challenge, unless the theme is movement and two days before it was announced I took Trip down to the water for the express purpose of getting a photo that showed him moving through the water.

I love making the rules.



5 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

  1. thinkbigmuch says:

    I like the flat reflective water in front and rippled water behind. Really fits the theme!

    • Jessie says:

      It was such a pretty morning with the lake like glass…. until Trip started swimming and I started yelling at him to get him to stay within camera range!

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  3. I love you rule adaptation – the photo is fabulous! Beautiful dog!

    • Jessie says:

      Thank you! Tonight I’m more inclined to call him a chicken eating *$(@head than a beautiful dog but that’s a whole different issue! 🙂

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