This Moment: After The Swim Meet

A Friday ritual. 

A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week.

A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

…And another year of NaBloPoMo ends.

Thanks to all my fellow Cheer Peppers for keeping me motivated! 


“Mom, do you know two reasons I’m glad to be home? Not having to wear sunscreen all the time and knowing what kind of flies are here.” -Ivy

But the sunscreen was worth it…

And, as much as Ivy hated those biting flies, braving a few strange bugs for this kind of wildlife?

Not a problem!

Thanks Granny and Gramps for a trip full of great memories!Granny and Great Gramps

Now we’ll do our best to warm up the weather for you before you get home!

Poor Jane

As John braved the chilly evening, swimming out into deeper water with the older girls, Jane and I ran in and out of the shallows.

But before too long the two of us were chilly and had moved on to playing in the sand. Digging holes, building castles…

Me: “Look Jane! Now it has water all around it, like a castle with a moat, or an island.”

Jane: ” NO! It’s a LIBRARY!!!”Jane smiling

Soon Jane was cold, not even a sand library could keep her by the water, and off she went to the play structure at the edge of the beach.

Jane was happily playing on the slide.

Ivy, Clara and John were happily swimming out in the cold water.

A young park employee was happily(?) using a tractor to haphazardly move picnic tables about.

I was happily sitting on the sand.

And then Jane erupted with screams of terror.

“MOM! MOM! I scared! MOM! I scared!

I ran to her side.

Jane pointed one little, shaking finger at the park employee, who was still bouncing about on a tractor, curly hair tucked under a bandanna, and cried:

“I scared of the pirate!!!”

Poor Jane. Jane worried

She was so scared of the pirate.

She was so scared and I, her rotten mother, could hardly keep it together long enough to calm her down before dissolving into a fit of giggles on the beach.

Poor Jane.

On My Left

Saturday morning John and I did our first ever open water swim race. I will freely admit that doing a 1.2 mile swim, at a time of day I’m usually in bed, was something I was having a hard time looking forward to. But, I must say, the whole experience turned out to be much less hellacious than I feared.

The terrible-ish  parts were as I suspected. You see a person, like myself, who had followed a nice straight line on the bottom of a pool for 14 years when set loose in a lake with the sun shining in her eyes as she attempted to watch for random boats and buoys to guide her, (All of which, I might add, were not conveniently located on the bottom of the lake.) might not completely enjoy that aspect of the race. But, other than that minor annoyance, the race, as well as our two weeks of “training,” was lots of fun and reminded me just how much I love to swim.

It also reminded me how difficult it is to get any meaningful time in the water with three young kids and a husband on second shift. John and I made it into the water to train every day for the two weeks prior to the race – and did nothing else.  This week when I’m playing catch up with the household chores I guess I’ll just have to  look at my shiny third place medal to remind myself that it was worth it!

Saturday morning after it was all over John and I were rehashing the race on the drive back home and I realized something. I realized that the best part, wasn’t the race, or the training, our time away from the kids together, our cheering section or even the shiny medal. It was that our short open water racing stint literally pointed out that John’s got my left. We swam together, training and racing, John on my left. We worked well together that way. I sighted and attempted to keep us going straight. We used each other for motivation and pacing.  I never had to worry about what was happening on his side- I knew he had my left.

If that sounds insignificant to you, picture racing in semi-murky water, others swimming around you, attempting to find those rotten buoys all with limited visibility.  I can breath to both my right and my left but, lacking that good ‘ole bottom of the pool line,  if I would like to swim a straight line – I breath to my right. This means that I have no idea what’s happening off to the left.  But with John cruising next to me it was all good.

Nobody ran into me from the left, nobody attempted to draft off that side of me, nobody made a move to pass without me noticing, and I didn’t spare a seconds thought on any of it.

Not one.

I knew John was there, he had my left.

He always does.

And, I?

I had his right.

I always do.

For those of you who are Facebooking members of society pictures of the race can be found on Rock Lake Activity Center’s page.

Leaving You Hanging

Here is how all my phone conversations have gone this week:

Me: Hello!

Other Person: Hi, What are you up to?

Me: Watching the Olympics.

Other Person: Where are you?

Me: At home.

Other Person: What?

Me: We borrowed a TV.

Other Person: Really?

Me: Yes. Now I have to go swimming is on!

My other conversations go like this:

Other Person: Hey, why is there nothing new on your blog?

Me: I’ve been watching swimming in the Olympics, did you see… (blah, blah, swimming, swimming, blah, blah, excited, excited)

Other Person: Ummmm… no… (changes subject)

Sorry to leave you all hanging but John and I are having a fantastic time ruining any sleep we might otherwise be getting and watching all the swimming on our borrowed TV! Now if you’ll excuse me John is home and it’s time for me to go jump up and down while I rub in the fact that I saw the very exciting final of the men’s 100 free already (and the girls 200 fly and the 200 IM’s and did you see the girls 200 breast semis!?!)  and he hasn’t!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

While my own self imposed photo challenge rule states that I must take the picture after I find out the challenge, I broke that rule this week.

So I made a new rule.

New Rule:

I will always take a picture after I find out the challenge, unless the theme is movement and two days before it was announced I took Trip down to the water for the express purpose of getting a photo that showed him moving through the water.

I love making the rules.



Last Week

Last week I was without internet all week, it made me feel like this:

But the reason we were sans-internet was because of the excellent time we were having on vacation, which was a feeling much more like this:Now we are back home and all my stories of fly-fishing……swimming…… grilling…


…and Fourth of July fun are fading faster than I can write them as the realities of home life take back over.

So, thank goodness for pictures, I hope they told at least a thousand words a piece for you!

Now you’ll have to excuse me –

The laundry is taking over the house.

The road project is hijacking my brain.

And we all have a severe case of it’s-Monday-and-I’m-no-longer-on-vacation-itis.

I’ll be back to my regular scheduled blogging just as soon as we finish recovering!

A Long Time Ago…

… in a galaxy far, far away…

No really,  it was actually just in Stevens Point Wisconsin and it wasn’t that long ago.

My husband, who at the time was nothing more than the guy with the crazy hair and the cute smile…

…that I’d have liked to have been dating but wasn’t yet, was swimming really, really fast.  Fast enough that even though, we weren’t dating yet I have never been allowed to live down the fact that I did not attend the national meet that year to watch his 400 medley relay win for the second year in a row re-breaking their own national record.

When you factor in the other fantastic swimming (and diving) that went on that year that earned their team of six men fourth place overall…

…well it doesn’t seem to matter that nothing more than a bit of pool side flirting had gone on between us yet, I’m in trouble for life.

This last weekend we were again in Stevens Point joined by many family and friends to watch John and his fellow relay members get inducted into the Stevens Point Athletic Hall of Fame.  It was pretty awesome, big banquet, video presentation for each inductee, a chocolate cake on every table, the works. At the end of the night he walked out with a gigantic smile on his face, and this to hang on his wall…

Photo enlarged to show detail.

In actuality the big fancy award went to the coach since they were a team and they each got… well, something to take home, but that not the point. The point is they were an awesome relay of guys, it was great to see everyone for the weekend and even better to see them get to stand up, relive a bit of the “glory days” and get recognized for what they had done.  The other notable point is that after a weekend of fun with old friends (which followed the previous weekends Alumni meet with even more old friends) I think we need at least another week to recover!!!