Not Quite a Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Today I was all set to take a picture for the weekly photo challenge. The word was “growth” and I had packed up the three girls and the two dogs and schlepped out to some public land to go for a walk in the drizzle and take photos. I had ideas, I had plans, I did not have my camera.

So instead I’d like to share a few quotable Clara moments from the day:

Clara’s response to a new pair of jeans: “These impressive!”

Clara’s response to me asking what she was dumping out of a small purple bowl and into my wire garbage can in my bedroom: “My pee!”

Clara’s response to me asking why she peed in a small purple bowl in her playing room and then carried it into my bedroom to dump into a wire basket: “I just wanted to.”

Clara’s response to me suggesting that sitting down on the wet trail to take off her wet pants (and shoes) was not a good idea as it would get her underwear wet: “That OK I just be naked.”

The only other person we saw on the trails response to seeing us walking toward him and his dog: Taking a long detour around the trail into the tall wet grass.

If she’s not a growing challenge I don’t know what is!

If you’d like to browse a selection of blogs written by people who actually bring their cameras with them when taking pictures head over to weekly photo challenge: growth on The Daily Post.

3 comments on “Not Quite a Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

  1. Jenny says:

    Clara is going to be a pro at peeing outside on the WWCWR trips and where ever else she may need to go. The other day I had to pee outside and sort of standing up and it just ran down my leg.

    • Jessie says:

      That is true she is a peeing outside pro. I saw her pee standing up the other day as well, I think it helps not to be wearing any clothes, she was remarkably good at it, makes me think she’s been practicing!

  2. Imelda says:

    It is disappointing indeed not to have your camera when there is a gorgeous scene before you – but you did capture the most gorgeous of all. Clara is so precocious. 🙂 I just can imagine you trying to look stern when Clara dishes out her quotables to hide the laughter that is bubbling inside.

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