The First Week

It’s the big question of the week:

How is school going for Ivy?

Ivy will talk your ear off on her own terms, (Please take extra note of the on her own terms.)but unfortunately what she has done at school, what she may be doing tomorrow and what she is supposed to do with things brought home in her folder are not things on her agenda to talk about.

This leaves me with a very vague idea of what she’s doing, if she’s liking it and (on a memorable second day of school) if she has any homework that needs doing. All this makes everyone’s favorite question the week a bit hard to answer.

I feel I can say with confidence that in her first week of school:

-In math they counted to three (no opinion given – just a fact).

-In music they hit a drum one time ( no further information or emotion forthcoming).

-They did a bunny hop (not the dance) in gym (I got a demonstration of this so I think that was a hit).


-She had to sit on the red part of the rug one morning (she definitely hated that).

All other stories of the week have been of a highly suspicious nature:

Me: “Ivy how was your bus ride to school.”

Ivy: “Good, I saw a loon and an owl. Isn’t that exciting Mom, those are you favorite birds!?!”

She can be a sweet girl – not informative, but sweet.

What I do know all about is what the other girls in her class are wearing.

I hear about the girl in her class who’s wearing brown boots, jeans with sparkles, a purple shirt and a pony tail… the reports come complete with eye and hair color.

So I listen to my little fashionista (who’s current favorite footwear is mismatched flip flops) and attempt to insert appropriate comments into her fashion review of the day.

As I continue to hear about the fashion world of Kindergarten I keep hoping that one day, if I keep paying attention, she may divulge just a bit more than the color shirt of a girl on the bus.

One day.

How is school going for Ivy?

I have no idea – but she keeps willingly getting on the bus so I think she must be having a good time!

5 comments on “The First Week

  1. Imelda says:

    Isn’t it a little frustrating? I have a similar experience with my boy – he does not want to talk about his feelings and all. When he talks about his games, he gets quite animated. But when we start talking about him, he suddenly clams up.

    Might we be experiencing a stage in our children’s lives?

  2. Mom says:

    Just remember…Ivy’s mother used to torture her parents by sitting on the foot of their bed way past bedtime..and then happily divulge information on her days at school previously with held!

    • Jessie says:

      Torture, smorture. Here I was telling you about my day and I bet I didn’t even included detailed lists of what everyone is wearing. And besides it was so much fun to see how long I could get you to prop your eyeballs open I just couldn’t resist…. 🙂

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