Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Near, Far… it’s all relative, right?

This is Jane sleeping on the far side of the room looking though the keyhole in the door near the camera…

Near and far, yes?


Thanks for coming with me on that one.

And I know what you are thinking.

You are thinking this would be so much better with a bit of Jane’s face.

It wasn’t.

Curled sleeping baby hands in sunlight – good.

Parts of sleeping baby face through crib bars – surprisingly creepy.

Crib bars are not good for the complexion.

You can see a few more Near and Far keyhole pictures (arguably more interesting ones since they involve things like faces) I’ve taken in the past in Good News… Bad News… and Sweet Sisters.

5 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

  1. Seeing a picture of hand laying remind me about the victim of some horror-detective drama. Well, maybe it’s just me too much watching drama.
    Nice work nevertheless.

    A face of sleeping baby is creepy? Is that so? I think they are cute anytime. 😀

    • Jessie says:

      Yup now that you mention it I can totally see the horror-detective angle… huh, apparently pictures of Jane yesterday were creepy all the way around. And yes she was creepy, the shadows the sun was throwing and the fact that I could only ever see part of her face… creepy.

  2. hugmamma says:

    Love the interpretation…subtle. Makes one think…and imagine. Not the usual.

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