I Wish I Were…

I wish I were the kind of person that had a morning room. You know, how you see in old movies where husband and wife are enjoying their morning pot of tea and reading the paper when the nanny brings in the fed, cleaned and dressed kids.

One of those morning rooms.

One of those morning rooms where I could sit and drink my tea and wake up before the demands of life hit me.
One of those morning rooms that’s cheerful and sunny – maybe it would improve my general personality at that time of day.
One of those morning rooms that is very, very quiet because of the conspicuous lack of children -they’ll be with the nanny.
One of those morning rooms that I could sit with my husband and talk before the day started so we’d start the day together with a plan.

Yeah – one of those morning rooms.

I’ll even be reasonable. I’ll pass on the rest of the implied life style that would go with such a room (it sounds boring) and I’ll send the nanny on her way by nine (I like to spend time with my kid the other hours of the day). I just oh so very much wish that my mornings were lacking in pee, blood, crying, running late, yelling, cajoling, lost shoes, cold vehicles, puking dogs and general chaos (and that was just this week).

While I suppose the proper thing to do would be to wish I were a kind, gentle, patient, happy morning person, at this point I find it more likely that I’ll win the lottery (which I don’t play) and am able to spend egregious amounts of money on the first two hours of my day than that I suddenly develop an appreciation for life before eight am.

For more” I wish I were…” posts check out Weekly Writing Challenge: I Wish I Were  where you can read many other posts that were actually posted during the week of the challenge. The photos  I took as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette and also failed to posted on time. I get to see the sun rise behind my neighbors cows every morning, I should probably appreciate the picturesque beauty of it more often instead of internally cursing the fact that I am up early enough to see the sun rise!

One comment on “I Wish I Were…

  1. Susie says:

    Me too! Except the nanny would be for picking up after me and George. Except that George is a morning person and thinks that it would be a great thing to discuss big issues right away in the morning. The nanny might need to discuss big issues without committing me to anything.
    I was afraid that the cows were going to be a morning surprise in your yard…I’m glad to read that they are just picturesque.
    And yeah…jumping jacks are hard.

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