Going To The Zoo, Zoo, Zoo…

Clara, Jane and I took advantage of the weather and headed to the zoo.zoo, clara & JaneWe weren’t the only ones happy to finally have warm weather, most all of the animals were also out soaking up the rays, including Ivy’s favorite lion Henry.Henry the lion

Jane was not only happy to be running outside but very excited to be at the zoo.

She looked for animals through all the fences she saw (even when they just contained flower gardens) and added a new word to her vocabulary: “See!”DSCN2628-(sm)

Otherwise known as “See, see, SEE, SEEEE!”

Otherwise known as a very slow trip through the zoo.

Fortunately I had my camera and, despite the look on her face, Clara was just as happy to hang around and watch prairie dogs for days  for hours  for a while as Jane was.

Clara zoo

Watching Jane’s excitement over everything today reminded me of one of the first trips Ivy took to the zoo when she was fully mobile and newly chatty.

Ivy was frantically running from animal to animal. Excited to the point of mania she had already seen the “LION!”, the “SEAL!” and we had just moved on from her current favorite the “GIRAFFE!” when she turned, stopped dead and shouted, “DINOSAUR!” rhinosaurI gently corrected her that while it did certainly look like a dinosaur it was actually a rhinoceros.  Ivy promptly called it a “rhinosaur” and continued to do so for at least the next two years.

A pronunciation I never corrected, because really, just look at it…

Ivy was right they should be called rhinosaurs!

6 comments on “Going To The Zoo, Zoo, Zoo…

  1. Jenny says:

    Henry has been talking about going to a zoo.

    • Jessie says:

      Next time you are down here visiting you should take him to the Madison zoo. It’s free so it’s nice for the littler kids that you can just stay an hour or two instead of feeling like you have to make a day of it.

  2. Susie says:

    I agree! It is a beautiful zoo and you can pack a picnic to have at the swimming beach nearby. If you still have any energy after that, you can visit the arboretum. This sounds like a trip we should make together because another adult (me!) can only help, right?

  3. ggirlsmama says:

    Wonderful pictures! Nothing beats a trip to the zoo 🙂

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