Ivy’s Favorites at Six Years Old

Ivy, what’s your favorite…DSCN1081-(4sm)

Color – pink

Animal – Lion, because of Henry. (The name of the lion at our local zoo.)

Food –  pizza and macaroni and cheese

Clothes – orange dance pants (Which on “orange day” at school she told me that she hated orange and would never wear those pants. Of course on “pink day” she wouldn’t wear pink so I think it’s less a problem of clothes and more of contrariness. No idea where she’d get that from….)

Dog – Poodle because they are so puffed up and fluffy. (Hilarious and terrible all at once!)

Cat – Fiona (I think I have to throw this question out, I’m not sure my girls know any other cats anymore.)

Person – You! – and Dad.

Thing to do – Sing songs.

Thing to do outside – Go to the playground.

Chore – Play with my sisters. (…was the answer after the biggest groan a six year old can muster.)

Time of day – afternoon

Place to go – Michigan

Song – Better Dig Two (Band Perry) and White Horse (Taylor Swift)

Flower – Roses and Daffodils and Tiger Lily’s

Farm Animal – horse

Thing about school – math (Possibly she’s not my child an actually a cunningly disguised alien.)

Friend – Mallori, Gabby and Natalie!

Movie – Elmo (???)

Thing to do with Clara – Play with fairies in the fairy gardens and play with barbies.

Thing to do with Jane – Feed her. (True, the kids fight over who gets to sit next to Jane and give her food during dinner.)

Thing to do with Dad – Get ready for school.

Thing to do with Me – Watch a movie together. (This was clearly wishful thinking, Clara has been sick and watching movies and Ivy is going green just thinking about all the movie watching time she’s missed.)

Book – The Belly Button Book (Sandra Boyton wins again!)

Meal -Breakfast (HA! You’d think she’d be willing to eat during her favorite meal!)

Thing to do in the car – Color in my binder. (That would be the binders I put together for the kids when we went to Kansas that we now pull out for any longer car trip. Best. Idea. Ever. It came from here: gluesticksblog.com Just be sure to add dry erase markers, they make it all extra fun. )

What do you want to do when you grown up? Be a mom.

Anything else? – “I have another favorite animal! Unicorn!”

This is the third year of Ivy’s favorites and it’s interesting to see what the few answers are that haven’t changed. Her favorite color is still pink, Natalie is still her friend and Fiona is still her favorite cat. I can hardly imagine what next year will bring!

Ivy’s favorites 2012

Ivy’s favorites 2011

11 comments on “Ivy’s Favorites at Six Years Old

  1. I wanted to be a Superstar!

  2. Imelda says:

    Lovely photo, Jess. 🙂

    • Jessie says:

      That makes me chuckle. Ivy has been challenging to catch in a photo lately, this was one of many photos of her where she isn’t looking at the camera. I worked for longer than I’m willing to admit to turn it into something I liked, glad you liked it too!

  3. Jenny says:

    Yes, that is a lovely photo of Ivy! Wow! I want to copy you every time you and Sarah do this. May I?

  4. Uncle Weasel says:

    So pleased to see Michigan made the list

  5. […] to finally have warm weather, most all of the animals were also out soaking up the rays, including Ivy’s favorite lion […]

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