Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpectedbutchering deer in greenhouse

We just discovered an unexpected perk to the greenhouse.

It’s the perfect place to process deer.

I have helped turn an ugly carcass into nice little white packages to put into the freezer in many dark basements. I have boned shoulders in very cold garages. And I have even attempted not to make a mess of a few kitchens while completing the final packaging.

But until today I have never, ever done any of it in the sunlight.

Possibly only those of you who have stood on the solid block of ice that is masquerading as a cement floor, tried not to lose a finger as you felt your way though the process in the dim light or ran buckets of water back and forth from the house, inevitably spilling some on your already frozen toes, can understand the luxury of it all.  Plenty of counter space, hot running water, hooks in the ceiling for the gambrel, sunlight, and then when the sun when down and it got a bit chilly- a nice big heater to keep it above freezing.

Unexpected and delightful- I’m never setting up shop in the garage again!

3 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

  1. Susie says:

    Just part of the basic house!

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  3. dianeschuller.com says:

    now THAT is a perk. If only we would have had such a bonus when we were on our farm.

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