Jane’s Favorites at Two Years Old

Jane what’s your favorite…Jane

Color – “Green!” (So it’s possible, green is her favorite color. Or it’s possible that she has NO IDEA what colors are what and she likes the sound of “GREEN!” best.)

Animal – cat

Food – sandwich

Clothes – glasses (She doesn’t own glasses and she is highly discouraged from borrowing her parents.)

Dog – Storm

Cat – Gypsy

Person – Ariel (Are mermaids people too?)

Thing to do – games

Thing to do outside – playin’

Chore – “money chores” (The older girls occasionally have “money jar chores” Jane has not yet joined them but perhaps she should!)

Time of day – “Go to school.” (Not sure about this, perhaps she is talking about taking Ivy to school?)

Place to go – “Go gummy bear foot.” (This isn’t a place to go, she’s been calling “bare foot”,  “gummy bear foot” and that’s just too cute not to share, so I didn’t press for a real location!)

Song – “Happy Birthday To You” (Sung to me of course. She sings all day long!)

Flower – nothin’ (Further asking got a “Green” and “Nope” odd for a girl who’s been picking everything that blooms in the yard.)

Farm Animal –vulture (Not a very successful farm apparently.)

Friend – Clara

Movie – Tinkerbell (Gag me.)

Thing to do with Clara – eatin’ food

Thing to do with Ivy – Nothin’ ( Poor Ivy! Let’s chalk this one up to Jane’s unwillingness to answer questions the two of them play great together!)

Thing to do with Dad – playin’

Thing to do with Me – Jane: “Doing stuff with you.”  Me:  “Like what?” Jane:  “WITH YOU!” (Got it!)

Book –  “Me read.” ( I investigated further and discovered that she meant that she likes it when she reads books to herself.)

Thing to do in the car – “Play with you.” ( I drive the car while suppressing my irritation with the back seat. I do not play in the car.)

What do you want to do when you grown up? “I six.”  (Further investigation, revealed nothing. When she grows up, she’ll be six. End of story.)

Anything else? – Jane: “My animals.” Me:  “What about them?” Jane:  “I have allllllllll” (No idea…)

So, what I really discovered doing this is that while Jane talks, and tells stories, and demands things, and sings songs all day long she doesn’t really answer questions. It took forever to gather the answers that I got because she initially answered everything “GREEN!” or “NOPE!” Not only does she not answer direct and random questions like, “What book do you like reading best.” but she also is quite good at evading everyday questions like, “Do you want to go outside?”. This is something which I hadn’t at all noticed until I started asking about her favorites and now I wonder how I missed it. For such a little talker she’s hard to pin down… perhaps when she’s grown up at six she’ll look into becoming a lawyer.

For last years investigation on Jane’s favorites go here:

A Study To Determine Jane’s Favorite Items At The Age Of 15 Months



8 comments on “Jane’s Favorites at Two Years Old

  1. I love this!! I’m trying it with my 2yr old now…getting a lot of ’nuffing’ answers here too. He did tell me his favourite colour is blue and not green.
    I might have to borrow this idea for my blog if you don’t mind!

  2. Becky says:

    Oh the care-free life of a two-year old! I think we could all “learn”‘ a few things from them…perhaps! 🙂 She’s a total cutie, of course you know, she has those irresistible “pinchable”cheeks! LOVE them!
    Have a wonderful week-end with your lovely family! Thank you for sharing them with us! 🙂

  3. Rose says:

    I love this series of yours. Your kids are too cute!

    • Jessie says:

      Thank you, it’s something I do without a blogging audience in mind, just for our own records but I’m glad that you like reading it too!

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