Jane’s Favorites at Four Years Old

Jane what’s your favorite…Jane

Color – Pink!

Animal – Monkey

Food – “Like can you say vegetable or fruit?” ( sure…)

Vegetable -Potatoes (Botanically speaking anyway)

Fruit – Banana (Sorry Jane, no bananas in the house, I hate them!)

Clothes – Fashion star! Is that a kind of clothes? … hmmm…This kind!!! (and then she shows off her sparkly toed shoes with her sparkly pink tutu ballerina outfit).

Dog – “Jessie’s!  Jasper!  No not Jasper.  Radar!  If I go by Radar he actually doesn’t bite anymore.” (Jessie is my friend who has three dogs we watch often. Jasper is the smallest of the group and while they used to be good friends, I’m not sure Jasper has held still long enough for Jane to pet him in months. Radar is my Dad’s new puppy that might be part alligator but for sure has had Jane unwilling to go in or out of the house in her efforts to stay away from the puppy. It’s possible she forgot the meaning of the word favorite here).

Cat – Fiona  (Fiona was our old cat that the other kids “gave” to Jane, Jane did admit that Cassie is her favorite cat that is still alive.)

Person – Mom ( With her finger literally on my nose, it’s nice to be loved right?)

Thing to do –  Watch videos

Thing to do inside – Watch videos

Chore – Cleaning rooms (While she never is willing to help clean up her and her sisters’ room she did today because she was bribed with the previously mentioned videos.)

Time of day – My birthday! Me: “No time of day not actual day.” Jane:  “My birthday!” Me: (Explains what a time of day is.) Jane: “Summer! Turtle and floaties!” Me:”No, TIME of day!” Jane: “Morning!” Me: “Why?” Jane: “Just because I can do chores so I can watch videos.” (Wow… all that and we returned to video watching…)

Place to go –Lake RipleyJane

Song – SNOW GLOWS WHITE ON THE MOUNTAIN TONIGHT (Let It Go from Frozen for those of you who don’t live with a child obsessed with Elsa, ice powers and a healthy set of lungs.)

Flower –  Probably the scillas.  Like- snow drops first… and then scilla.

Farm Animal – Horse

Thing about your sisters being in school – Because I get to play with their stuff. (As if we didn’t all see that one coming.)

Friend – Nobody. (tiny sad voice) Except liberty is my only friend. (fake tears)  (She has other friends. I promise I don’t keep her in a box, we keep her on something more like a stage, drama queen that she is.)

Movie –Xiolin Showdown

Thing to do with Clara – Nofin, I don’t want to do anything with her. (Ouch. The next day she would only sit by her at dinner though, nothing permanent there.)

Thing to do with Ivy – Play LEGOs!

Thing to do with Dad – Tricky dad! Trick dad! (Don’t ask me, I’m just asking the questions here!)

Thing to do with Me – Trick you!

Book – Princesses (sings) Elsa (sings) Me: “Do we have one?” Jane: “No.” Me:” Have we read one?” Jane: “No.” Me: “How can it be your favorite then.” Jane: ” Just because I like it.” (Clearly.)

Meal – Macaroni and cheese

Thing to do in the car – (GIANT SIGH) Wait. (Again, possibly we needed to go over what favorite actual means.)

What do you want to do when you grown up?  -Be a rock star “Sing it girl!” (I… I… Possibly she was switched by the fairies? …)

What kind of problems do you want to help solve when you grow up?  – Mystery (whispers) You lost something and you can’t find it anywhere and it’s invisible! Me: “You can find those?” Jane: “No, not really, you have to feel them out.”  (As she pantomimes feeling invisible things and I wonder if her logic is irrefutable or perhaps she really was switched by the fairies.)Jane

Anything else? – Yes. One clue, come on. (wander…wander… distract…distract) Making cards for Liberty! And going to the zoo. Only one more. Being at Grandma Pat’s house, because sock world…what it is called? Monkey Joes!!!


Here are some links if you’d like to take a look back at Jane’s answers over the last few years. Though I can tell you while the answers have changed, her unwillingness to give a useful answer the majority of the time has not!

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Jane’s Favorites at Two Years Old


A Study to Determine Jane’s Favorite Items at the age of 15 months


5 comments on “Jane’s Favorites at Four Years Old

  1. Helen says:

    Love this! Happy Birthday, Jane!

  2. N. says:

    Happy birthday to Jane! And the ‘Frozen Princess song’ as she calls it is Lilly’s favorite song too. I’m waiting for the day she will outgrow her love for everything Frozen 😓

    • Jessie says:

      Oh- it was a trick (but not on purpose) it’s not her birthday yet, though I’m sure she’ll take birthday wishes and presents any day! 😉 Frozen love isn’t so bad… it could be… I don’t know, Monster High Doll obsessions or something. (Those dolls are weird, I totally don’t get it, fortunately my kids aren’t into them, phew!)

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