Jane’s Favorites at Three Years Old

Jane what’s your favorite…Jane

Color – pink

Animal – I can’t decide…. ummm… Mouse!

Farm animal- Jane: “I keep can’t guessing!… Lion.” Me: “Do lions live on farms?” Jane: “NO!” Me: “What’s your favorite farm animal?” Jane: “I can’t decide.”

Thing to eat – Animals! (She says with a grin. Which either means she’s a very good carnivore or just messing with me.)

Thing to eat for breakfast – Tomatoes!  I’m just kidding…. JELLYFISH!…ummm… TIGERS!… just kidding. (And so Jane continues to be the hardest person to get a straight answer from that I’ve ever encountered.)

Person- YOU!

Cat- Gypsy

Dog – I don’t like any dogs!

Thing to Wear – Elsa dress (Of course it is. I haven’t tricked her into the bath to steal it away from her recently so she’s been wearing it for at least 48 hours straight and it’s covered with dirt and sticky stains.)

Jane: Say what’s your favorite leggings.

Me: What’s your favorite leggings.

Jane: OLAF! (The world is only right if they are worn with the Elsa dress.)

Thing to do – play…uhhh…hmmmmm…I like to play with a teeny tiny mouse and a squirrel and – LETS GO PAINT! (And that sums up my third daughter quite nicely right there.)

Thing to do outside – Go find chicken eggs.

Chore – Get the duck eggs and the chicken eggs.

Time of Day – Going to sleep. Me: “Why? Do you like going to sleep?” Jane: “Because it’s dark out!” Me: “Do you like the dark?” (Because let me tell you she has a really odd combination of fear of the dark and willingness to roam a dark house looking for someone)  Jane:  “Yeah! … No, I hate babies and I don’t like holding them because they are poopy.” (ummm….ok….)

Place to Go – to the bouncy house

Song – Let it GO!

Flower- peony

Friend – Dad!

Movie – Let it go! (Frozen)

Thing to do with Clara- Play hide and go seek.

Thing to do with Ivy – Play in our room with me!

Thing to do with Mom- Go the the bouncy house… and… putting decorations up and making decorations. (It was a hard question for her. I don’t sing and dance and wear enough dresses for her world. Also I don’t take her to bouncy houses. But, really, why would she start answering questions in a way that made sense now?)

Thing to do with Dad- Make jewelry. Me: “Have you ever made jewelry with Dad?” Jane (turns to John): “Dad? Do you want to make jewelry with me and Mom will make decorations because I want to do that.” (Also last time I “made decorations” I planted flowers outside. Just thought you should know so nobody gets the wrong idea and expects me to have pictures hanging on the walls or something crazy like that.)

Book – princesses (After much discussion that was revealed to be All that Glitters a truly terrible disney princess book I refuse to read. I was surprised seeing that I’ve read Fancy Nancy and the Fanciest Doll in the Universe at least once a day for the last week.)

Thing to do in the car – My painting thing for the airplane ride. (It is pretty cool, thanks again Grandma Mary! http://www.melissaanddoug.com/water-wow-numbers-on-the-go-travel-activity)

What do you want to do when you grow up? Be a big sister… but I’m a little sister… (Yeah, no. Says Mom)

Anything else? When I was a baby I was to Jonas’s age. (?) I didn’t say what’s my favorite thing to drink! Water.


There you have it. Another year, another page of cryptic answers from Jane.

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4 comments on “Jane’s Favorites at Three Years Old

  1. The JellyFish says:

    I think that’s more answers then you could have hoped for from a 3 year old :p

  2. junekearns says:

    Jane has a great future ahead of her!!

  3. dianeschuller.com says:

    your life and that of your children seems to be a laugh a minute! I hope you’re keeping hard copies of all these delightful blog posts. What a treasure!

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