Round One

I sat among the giant crowd, yet isolated and alone.

The rickety bleachers worn to grey and splinters rough beneath me as I faced off with a large man.

First it was his turn, then it was mine.

Winner lives.

Nothing to protect me but a tiny pair of gloves and the fact that his bow was yet untried.

I clutched at the small scarlet gloves. What to protect? My face? My heart? My neck?

The crowd cheers.

Winner advances, and I waited to meet round two.

Trapped in the roiling crowd, I had no panic, just icy, calm fear.

Could I win all three rounds?

I am again linking up with Northwest Frame of Mind  and her 1 Day 1 World project. Sadly between the hours  2AM and 4AM I couldn’t seem to muster the will to get up and take a picture.  But my sleeping mind has always been full of vivid pictures, this was just part of my nightmare Saturday night.

6 comments on “Round One

  1. Wow, what a dream… will we get part 2 next week???

  2. Crazy dream! I have vivid ones like that, too and you wake up feeling a little nutty…that one sounds like some nasty boxing version of The Hunger Games!

  3. Heyjude says:

    Your dream seems so NORMAL – mine are very confusing, but a possibility for the next time period, if I can make any sense of one.

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