It Can’t Be Snowing

There should be a word for it.

That feeling you get when you can’t shake a dream.Willows with sparkle

When the world gets a little more blurry and the blowing willow tree seeds look just like snowflakes dancing in the breeze.

But, they can’t be snowflakes because the sun is shining and it’s too hot outside.

And you couldn’t have been chased by men with knives, been betrayed by your friend or broken anyone out of prison.

But it does look like it’s snowing, and the feelings are there.

The terror of the night, the hurt and anger live on.

They are real in your mind.

It was all real in your mind.

Even now, when the sun is shining and the snow is falling, the feelings cling.

And it might be real- after all it’s snowing.Willows with sparkle

But it can’t be snowing, because the sun is shining and it’s too hot outside.


I wrote this right after I discovered that I’m not the only person who has overly vivid dreams and then has a terrible time moving on from them once morning comes. It can be confusing for me and frustrating to family members who have angered me in my sleep that I’m still mad at them when morning and reality come.

Do you have dreams that stick with you longer than you wish they would?

Round One

I sat among the giant crowd, yet isolated and alone.

The rickety bleachers worn to grey and splinters rough beneath me as I faced off with a large man.

First it was his turn, then it was mine.

Winner lives.

Nothing to protect me but a tiny pair of gloves and the fact that his bow was yet untried.

I clutched at the small scarlet gloves. What to protect? My face? My heart? My neck?

The crowd cheers.

Winner advances, and I waited to meet round two.

Trapped in the roiling crowd, I had no panic, just icy, calm fear.

Could I win all three rounds?

I am again linking up with Northwest Frame of Mind  and her 1 Day 1 World project. Sadly between the hours  2AM and 4AM I couldn’t seem to muster the will to get up and take a picture.  But my sleeping mind has always been full of vivid pictures, this was just part of my nightmare Saturday night.