Moonlit Night

Snow on the ground, freezing temperatures, clear skies聽and a full moon…

..nights don’t come any prettier.

15 comments on “Moonlit Night

  1. Sally says:

    Beautiful pictures as always 馃檪 I really want to start doing some photography of my own (not that I’ll be much good at it >.<) but have no idea where to start! Can you suggest a good camera that isn't crazy expensive to start with?

    • Jessie says:

      I’m not even close to an expert on these things but I”ll give you my two cents since you asked…

      -Start by taking pictures, lots – with whatever you have.

      -I have what they call a “bridge” camera. Not as nice as the super expensive DSLRs but more than a point and shoot. It can be used like a point and shoot or you can choose to control shutter speed ect. manually.

      This is the current model of what I have and my only complaint with it is that I can only kind of shove it in my sweatshirt pocket! 馃檪

      • Sally says:

        Lol! Thanks! I do take lots of pictures but usually with my iPhone so I think it’s time I got a real camera 馃槤

        • Sarah says:

          I would suggest reading some information about taking better pictures with the iPhone as well. Photography isn’t so much about the camera as the knowledge of the photographer. Many people think that if they get a better camera, they will take better pictures, but the correlation isn’t always that simple. For instance, lighting and framing are so important that if you use your iPhone camera to its fullest potential, you can get some pretty great pictures. With digital, there certainly is a megapixel component to making your pictures look clear and crisp, but Jessie is right, practice, practice, practice and make sure you get feedback from people, even if it is hard to hear!

  2. Julie says:

    Looks beautiful.

  3. Jerry says:

    You live in a beautiful part of the North Country. We grouse about winter, but we should appreciate these amazing days and be thankful for our good fortune to live here. Excellent photos. Brave woman to go outside to shoot these on a 20-below night 馃檪

  4. VocareMentor says:

    “Reason we have high electric bills” is a beautiful image. We don’t get to see images like that in person here in southern California. But as Jerry (above) mentioned, I’m not sure I would want to stay out in the “20-below night” air to enjoy the sight. – Thanks for posting the images.

    • Jessie says:

      Thank you!

      And while that night was cold, it was just around 0 and not much wind. Today though… -35 windchills had school canceled, we are clouded up though so I’m not even tempted to frost bite my fingers for photos tonight! 馃檪

  5. Jenny says:

    I love your photos on this night. I do like the glow of your house the best!

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