Did I Just Say What I Thought I Said? XII

It’s the twelfth edition of “Did I Just Say What I Thought I Said?” in which I share phrases that I never thought:
A) Would ever need to be said in the first place,
B) that I would need to be the one to say them and
C) that I wouldn’t just be saying them, I’d be yelling them.

“Stop putting grapes in the flowers!”daffodils with grape

And, as if that wasn’t enough:

“No! No goldfish either!”

Thankfully, I was talking crackers.

Apparently daffodils make irresistible cups for small bits of lunch that you are no longer interested in eating.grape in a daffodil And, to be clear, it wasn’t the daffodils I was worried about so much as the vase, an as of yet unbroken wedding gift.   I refer you to The Anarchist 2.0 and the Goldfish to refresh your memory as to the nature of my concern. But I’ll give you a hint.

Kids are masters at wreckin’ it.

Fortunately, due to my new “No grapes in flowers rule,” the vase is safe… for now.




12 comments on “Did I Just Say What I Thought I Said? XII

  1. Jenny says:

    I love this series of posts! Thank you for sharing you help me feel like my life is normal just like yours!

  2. dianeschuller.com says:

    you need to write a book — I know it would be a best seller!

  3. Yep. I have my own variation of this syndrome. It’s called, “Holy s%*t!. I sound like my father!”

  4. I thought you had dogs? isn’t that where leftovers are supposed to go? 🙂

    • Jessie says:

      Supposed to being the imperative word there! Although to be technical they are supposed to go to the chickens- but sometimes the dogs get there first too.

  5. The JellyFish says:

    That made me actually laugh out loud :p Kids have the strangest notions of what counts as normal 😝

  6. Imelda says:

    Only a mother of small children can say such things and not be considered a loony. 🙂 By the way, your flowers are gorgeous.

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