Mundane Monday: Blue

Over the years it has softly faded to the prettiest shade of blue.

Can you tell what it is?

blue shirt

It’s a shame my favorite t-shirt is so worn and see through that when I held it up to the window to catch the light, the camera kept trying to focus through the shirt to the yard beyond.

Despite its appearance I’m sure this is a high quality shirt you are looking at. I found it in an old pile of my parents’ T-shirts from before I was born. Already broken in and cozy, I think it’s worn surprisingly well. It might not block UV rays or, you know, vision but it doesn’t have a hole and it’s the softest t-shirt ever.

I keep wearing it, away from gatherings of mixed company, and crossing my fingers that it makes it through another wash cycle when I’m done.

Once again linking up with PhoTrablogger’s Mundane Monday. Be sure to pop over and check out more mundanely amazing pictures! 

6 comments on “Mundane Monday: Blue

  1. aishwarya148 says:

    I completely identify with the feeling of using clothes even after they are worn out and praying that they don’t tear when you wash them! Buy old clothes feel so good against the skin that I never want to throw them…needless to mention the million memories and pictures associated with those clothes!

  2. trablogger says:

    That is a quite interesting image. Glad you took a picture of it. Perfect entry for MMC. The bokeh effect is also cool.

  3. I get the feeling from your pic and the others – socks, corn, etc ..that you like texture? I do 🙂

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