Primed by Eric J. Gates

Primed is the sequel to Outsourced. Perhaps you remember, Outsourced as the book I read last year that had me so caught up in it’s dramatic conclusion that I didn’t get out of bed in time to brush my teeth before my friend came to visit. (True story.)

But I’ve learned my lesson. When I started nearing the end of Primed I made sure I was ready for bed with nothing to lose but sleep. And a good thing, because twists started twisting and cliff hangers started hanging and things got exciting. Which is saying something because things, involving two writers, a DIA agent, a homicide detective, a mysterious device and the Russian mob start out fairly exciting even before the twists start twisting and the turns start turning!


Also, I’m tired now.


Would I recommend it? If high octane mysteries are your style, check these books out. Just be sure to start with Outsourced and clear your calendar!

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