Mundane Monday: Burrs

I dig them out in the spring, mow them down in the summer and burn them as they start to dry in the fall.

It’s a battle and I’m not on the winning side.

They stick to our clothes and our kids and our dogs.

They follow us into the house breaking into tiny pokey pieces until everything we own seems to be infested with their little hooks.

I do not like the burrs.

Though, some mornings, with a touch of sunlight and a bit of spiderwebs, they are quite striking…Burrs

…but this is war, they go on the burn pile tomorrow!

I’m linking up with PhoTrabloggers Mundane Monday Challenge pop over and see what other mundane things people have taken beautiful pictures of this week!

11 comments on “Mundane Monday: Burrs

  1. A. Mouse says:

    Ooh, I dislike burrs. We have cheek grass in steppe desert out here and it infests e v e r y t h i n g!

  2. barbtaub says:

    I don’t know how she does it. I take my dog to the beach one block away, where she chases her ball in the waves and rolls in the sand. And comes home covered in burrs. Where did they even come from?

  3. Helen says:

    I dig out burdock plants by the hundreds all spring and summer. The one or two I miss make seed for acres of new plants for the next season. (The dogs scratch off loads of seed right at the front door, to make sure the plants are where I can fully appreciate them!)

  4. trablogger says:

    This is so abstract and so pretty. Great observation and play with the lights. It definitely makes the mundane quite beautiful.

  5. Beautifully mellow backlight

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