It was something of a hostage situation.

A thirty year hostage situation.

Sadly for my little hostages I didn’t know they were missing. Please don’t let them know but I might have even forgotten about them until I saw them again today. But now, rescued from my cousin’s treasure chest, my Sea Wees are back in my possession.

My Sea Wee was long ago chewed on by a puppy, and her hair is a ratted mess, and my girls are already fighting over them but they came out of that wooden box with a slew of memories for my cousin and I that made me ridiculously happy to see these two resurface after so long.

Do you have any old toys that spark particularly fond memories? 


5 comments on “Rescued!

  1. I used to collect trolls – similar to Sea Wees but land-dwelling – and my best friend and I used to create epic dramas around them. Happy days!

  2. Soe of the games I play now with my son, are the games I played with my parents and sister. She had them first, to use with her children, and I was jealous then. I would have wanted half of the games. She gave them to me when her children got so big they didn’t play these games any more.

    I consider those games heirlooms 🙂

    • Jessie says:

      I know what you mean. We have some family card games that just looking at the pictures on the cards brings back so many memories. I’m glad to hear your whole family got to play with them!

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