Seven Days of Black and White

There is a photo challenge going around, one week of black and white photos. No explanations, no people. I love this challenge, I’ve done it twice now. But this week, this week was a hard week, and I wrote down a bit about each photo as I took them, a snap shot of a diary on a  rough week.

Day 1: A few years ago Grandma picked up this book, A Child’s Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson, off the bookshelf and noticed that “Verses” was ripped off the front of the book.   Ever practical Grandma stuck a few stickers over the torn part, and knowing that my girls loved books gave it to me to bring home for them. She read this same book to me when I was a kid, and I have read it over and over to my girls. Grandma Elma died this morning, and I’ve read this poem innumerable times since she used to read it to me but this verse I still hear in an echo of her voice every time I see it.

Day 2: I’m sitting on the floor in my grandparents living room (my other grandparents) I can hear hum and gurgle of Grandpa’s oxygen tank and his terrible rasping cough behind me. Granny is watching me play marbles with Clara and Jane and my Mom comes over to laugh at how terrible we are. We take turns visiting with Grandpa when he’s awake as we do our best to make some good memories during hard times.

Day 3: I’ve only been home for four full days in the last two weeks and when I walked back in the house tonight I find a friend has been at work and I can do nothing but stand in my clean kitchen, look at the meals in my refrigerator and sob with gratitude.

Day 4: John helped me carve out time to go to capoeira. I love my fellow capoeirstas and you can’t worry about anything other than what you are doing when the kicks start flying. It was a much needed break this week.

Day 5: I’m ready to drive back home from spending another day with my grandparents and parents. Driving alone makes me cry. The days are long and hard but worth the tears and the miles.

Day 6: Spinning in circles with a rare night at home. I think I forgot how to be at home, and then I found the fire and figured it out again.

Day 7: Back with my family. Grandpa is failing quickly and everyone, even the puppies, are exhausted.


20 comments on “Seven Days of Black and White

  1. Sending hugs and love your way. ❤️

  2. Jesska says:

    What a crazy awful week! I’m so sorry about Grandma Elma 😦 and about your Grandpa’s illness 😦
    Love the photos though and find it amazing (as always) how well you handle all the things and look after yourself and everything else all at once.

    • Jessie says:

      ❤ Well… sometimes I might look like I handle things and take care of myself better than I do… I should post a selfie with my nice baggy eyes with the heavy shadows to make it all more realistic! 🙂 But I try, and thank you! ❤

  3. jenanita01 says:

    What an interesting black and white week…

  4. You took us right there with your narrative about life ending. And your photos are masterful. Out of such a sad situation, you found something beautiful about life itself and the importance of surrounding ourselves with others.

  5. junekearns says:

    Thank you for sharing that, Jessie. x

  6. Such a hard week, take care.

  7. Georgia Rose says:

    Tough times, Jessie. I’m sending big virtual hugs your way. x

  8. Widdershins says:

    More hugs for all of you. 🙂 … isn’t it wonderful to have friends who just do what needs to be done? 😀

  9. Beautiful. I’m sorry for your loss!

  10. I’m so sorry for your loss Jessie and also for your Grandpa’s poor health. The dog paws make me feel sleepy too, it must have been very exhausting for you all and it shows. These memories really tell your story of the week well, I found the poem in the children’s book very catchy, I can see why your kids and you enjoy it so much. A fitting tribute to your wonderful Grandma indeed.

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