Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation


Errr… you know when you go around taking pictures of things in “transition” because you think that’s what the photo challenge is and then you look late at night and realize it was a different, long, “t” word?

Yeah… that’s what I did.

I was going to talk about the transition from day to to night, how the neighbor was taking the corn off his field tonight and how this was taken in my driveway and all the transitions those things contain. It was a great “transition” post I had been writing in my head.

As it stands it was a good thing those clouds have been transformed by the setting sun or I’d have nothing to post tonight!

5 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation

  1. Oh boy, I hate it when that happens! And I’m so glad your photo worked for both long “t” words 😉 Gorgeous capture!

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  3. The sky looks fabulous in this shot. I like playing a game where you trying to interpret what the corn shadows look like. So far I mostly see rabbit ears but then it could be because we are nearly at Easter and it is subliminal 🙂

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