Spun Like A Top

We were gifted a fun egg decorator this year that we immediately dubbed “The Egg Lathe. ” Today we pulled out traditional egg decorating supplies as well as The Egg Lathe and three hours later the kids decorated four dozen duck and chicken eggs and three goose eggs.

They turned out beautiful but unfortunately we are a family where zero people eat egg salad.

I hear you can make chocolate chip cookies with hard boiled eggs. How many bags of chocolate chips do you suppose we need to get through four dozen eggs?

I’m participating in the April Square hosted by The Life of B. Have you figured the theme out yet?


I took a poll.

One out of one babies said hanging out with Mom, Grandma and Great Granny was better than rainbows.

And so in honor of that we are eschewing rainbows for the day in favor of baby smiles.

Happy Easter!

(Yes, that is my newest nephew and yes he is the cutest.)


Egg Hunt – Ivy Style

While your climbing technique may not quite rival your middle sister’s…Ivy

…you certainly don’t need help like your littlest sister does to find eggs.Ivy

And when it comes to proper containers and egg handling, you’ve got it all figured out.Easter Eggs

All you have to do is keep finding those eggs.Ivy Um… Ivy?Ivy climbs tree

Errr… Ivy? Umm… Did you look just under…

– Oh! –

You were saving that one for Jonas and Jane?Ivy

Silly me. Silly me…

Egg Hunt – Clara Style

Take off at a run toward the highest egg you can see.Clara

Stop at the bottom of the tree. Carefully hang your (optimistically sized) bag on a convenient branch.Clara

Climb tree.Clara

Grab Egg.Clara

Climb back down as you place your new egg in your giant bag.Clara

Repeat. Clara

Come to the sad realization that while you’ve got the best climbing style around, you’re never going to fill that bag.

Egg Hunt – Jane Style

Start with enthusiasm.Jane

Have serious trouble finding eggs and consider letting your over-tired, over-sugared, three year old self start to whine about it.Jane

Then when your Dad steps in to announce, “I can see three eggs from here and I’m color blind!” enlist his help in your egg hunt.Jane & John

And finally, fill your basket Frozen bag…Jane

… with eggs!

Egg Hunt – Jonas Style

Give in to the crazy whims of the horde of adults enthusiastically telling you to pick up the egg on the ground.


Wonder what you should do with it.Jonas

Consider snuggling with it.Jonas & Tyler

Consider putting it in the bag.Jonas & Tyler

SMASH the egg into the bag with enthusiasm!Jonas & Tyler

Repeat until your bag is full of nicely cracked eggs to take home.


Jonas is, of course, my super cute nephew who came to visit for the weekend. He was even nice enough to bring his mom and dad down for a visit too!


That’s My Girl!

See this girl:Ivy with an Easter Egg

This morning, after she left for school, I found she had left this sweet, little package for me:

"to mom these bunny ears are for you Ivy"

“to mom these bunny ears are for you Ivy”

The ears of her chocolate bunny, left for her mother to enjoy!

Isn’t she the best, kindest and most thoughtful daughter ever?!?

Or… last years genius talk of it being bad luck not to let your mom eat your bunny ears really sunk in and she’s worried about finding next year’s basket.Ivy with bunny Snowberry

Either way, I washed down my lunch with a set of bunny ears. I’m going with best daughter ever on this one!

(Read all about my “Evil or Genius?” plot from last year and then try it on your own kids- it seems to be working!)


Black Jelly Beans

Today John observed that the only people who like black jelly beans are those who are so old they were alive before they invented good flavors for candy.

This seems to have the potential to be highly insulting to those of you who may like black jelly beans (you know, like my Dad), so I’m just going to leave that one as John’s observation.

My own observation concerns our cat, gypsy. Gypsy found herself a black jelly bean and loved it. She threw it on the floor and batted it, and chased it and carried it around. Me, being me, took her picture, looked down, checked the photo and made my own observation.

The only cats who like black jelly beans are those who have been taken over by an evil cat spirit.

I’m not sure how John’s theory is going to pan out, but I’ve got photographic evidence for mine.Gypsy with black jelly bean

The next morning  as I was coming up from the basement a gooey, fuzzy, squishy, black gob stuck to the bottom of my foot and refused to budge. The horror of my fears of what it might have been was equal to the sense of relief I felt at discovering that the offending goo was “only” a black jelly bean.

Being younger than some, and lacking my own evil cat demon, I do believe it was the only time I have been truly happy to have discovered a black jelly bean.




Evil or Genius?

Yesterday after dinner I came up with my most brilliant mothering move ever.

As I handed over Ivy’s chocolate Easter bunny as a reward for a clean plate I said: “Just so you know you should always let your mom eat your chocolate bunny’s ears or it’s bad luck.”

Ivy: “What do you mean bad luck?”

Me: “You’ll never find your Easter basket next year if you eat your own ears, you have to let your mom do it.”

Ivy headed back to the table chocolate bunny in hand looking thoughtful and unconvinced but moments later she was back, presenting me with her bunny so I could eat the ears for her. As she took her ear-less rabbit back to the table she explained the situation to Clara and I was gifted with another set of ears.

The Easter bunny had splurged, those were some damn fine chocolate ears.

I figure if I can keep this up for the next few years I’ll have them brainwashed before they start thinking about it too much and I’ll have three sets of chocolate ears to look forward to every year.

It could be pointed out that my girls are smart and may start questioning this “bad luck” thing. But, I would in turn point out that there are few depths that I wouldn’t sink to for some good chocolate and I have a direct line to the Easter Bunny – we can make a basket very hard to find.

Full of my great scheme (and chocolate) I told John what I had done and he called me all sorts of rotten names and threatened to out me to the kids.

Later a friend who had witnessed the brilliance of my bunny ear munching told me she was very impressed.

What do you think? Was this the most genius chocolate ear stealing scheme ever, or am I an evil chocaholic who knows no boundaries?