10:11 12/13/14

It’s foggy, misty, rainy and muddy in that way where the damp and chill seeps right to your bones.black and white foggy orchard

But inside the greenhouse the peas are blooming!pea blossom

As I experiment and learn in the greenhouse I may not yet have figured out how to make much of a meal for the family during the dark days of winter but there is no better food for the soul on a day like today than green, growing plants.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning! (?)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!Morning Fog

Isn’t that pretty?

That’s what I’ve looked at out my front window every morning this week.

The fog sits between the rows of apple trees.

The windows at the peak of the barn reflect the colors of the sky.

Birds sing…

Kids wake up fighting, clothes are misplaced, breakfast is cooked and then scorned, school wants kids there on time, my yogurt spills in the truck, other drivers gesticulate and swear at me until I realize I’m driving 10 MPH through town, I call people the wrong names, drive the wrong way, mess up plans to meet friends, wake up without my voice, forget my tea at home…

Mornings – they may be pretty but I’m not ready to call them “good.”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolvedfog

This week I stepped outside, brand new camera in hand, to take a quick photo of the morning fog. I pulled out my camera went to set it to black and white and had a bit of a panic. While my toes froze and the kids threatened mutiny if breakfast didn’t happen soon I stared at my camera…

How do I use black and white?

Do I use, high contrast monochrome?

High iso monochrome?

Black and white copy?

Do I give up and turn it black and white in Photoshop?

How does this new camera work?!?

So far I’ve no idea, but I’m resolved to figure it all out!