Finding Time

People still ask how I have time for social media things and blogging in particular. The answer varies, sometimes I purposely carve out time for writing and photos and editing and sometimes, like today, it just happens.

Two years ago after ripping out old, high visibility, electric horse fencing that surrounded our orchard, I left it all in a pile under an apple tree in hopes that some benevolent elves would come and clean it up for me.

They didn’t.

Today I gave up on the kind elves (perhaps they are on strike?) and Jane and I finished coiling up all the strands.

By that I mean that Jane occasionally pulled on an end, often ran off to get more Halloween candy so we could keep up our strength and spent a fair amount of time inside the tangled mass of wire looking like a fly in a spider web while I wrestled a giant tangle of wire into orderly coils.

She was off on yet another candy run when I came to the end of one particularly long strand. Coiled on the ground it was fat enough that I couldn’t get my hands around it. It was unruly enough I couldn’t take my feet off it. And there was my duct tape to hold it in place… waaay out of my reach.

In other words I was stuck.

In other, other words that’s how I find time to social media.

Because when left impatiently waiting for Jane and her mini candy bars to come back so that she could hand me the duct tape, taking pictures of my predicament and putting them on Instagram seemed as good of a use of my time as anything.

That, as you see now, lead to mentally writing a blog post about the whole scenario and voila – social media time found.


That’s how I social media and, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m attempting to blog every day this month. I’m officially part of the unofficial NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) group NanoPoblano. There are lots of Tiny Peppers out there who would love your readership and support. Pop on over and check out this year’s blog roll and support a Pepper! 

Introducing Book Bee

Meet Book Bee!

I know, I know, she does look a bit like she might have a long-haired guinea pig or perhaps even a bit of Yorkie in her lineage but we love her for it.

Book Bee (a gift from some fabulous, fellow bloggers you can meet here, here and here) mostly lives on Instagram. She likes to read books with me and share a few of the good ones that don’t make it onto the blog as book reviews.

She’s also very involved in the Book at the Door giveaway. The Book at the Door giveaway (just in case you missed it, or saw this month’s entry, which unfortunately makes it about as clear as mud) is a new monthly feature here. Once a month an artist will create a piece that includes the first line in a book that I have read and loved. All you have to do is comment on the post, telling me the name of the book so I know you want to be in the drawing and then, if you win, you get a print of the artist’s work and the book sent to you in the mail!

That’s right, actual mail, actual printed art and actual hard copy books. It’s a thing that makes both Book Bee and I very excited!

The Instagram link is hanging out over there in the sidebar. You don’t need an account to scroll through photos.  You can always click on her little fuzzy picture if you are curious what she’s reading now!

June’s Book at the Door giveaway with amazing art by Mr. Tookles is open through Tuesday! Come throw your name in the hat before Book Bee tries to keep it for herself!