Leaving You Hanging

Here is how all my phone conversations have gone this week:

Me: Hello!

Other Person: Hi, What are you up to?

Me: Watching the Olympics.

Other Person: Where are you?

Me: At home.

Other Person: What?

Me: We borrowed a TV.

Other Person: Really?

Me: Yes. Now I have to go swimming is on!

My other conversations go like this:

Other Person: Hey, why is there nothing new on your blog?

Me: I’ve been watching swimming in the Olympics, did you see… (blah, blah, swimming, swimming, blah, blah, excited, excited)

Other Person: Ummmm… no… (changes subject)

Sorry to leave you all hanging but John and I are having a fantastic time ruining any sleep we might otherwise be getting and watching all the swimming on our borrowed TV! Now if you’ll excuse me John is home and it’s time for me to go jump up and down while I rub in the fact that I saw the very exciting final of the men’s 100 free already (and the girls 200 fly and the 200 IM’s and did you see the girls 200 breast semis!?!)  and he hasn’t!