Leaving You Hanging

Here is how all my phone conversations have gone this week:

Me: Hello!

Other Person: Hi, What are you up to?

Me: Watching the Olympics.

Other Person: Where are you?

Me: At home.

Other Person: What?

Me: We borrowed a TV.

Other Person: Really?

Me: Yes. Now I have to go swimming is on!

My other conversations go like this:

Other Person: Hey, why is there nothing new on your blog?

Me: I’ve been watching swimming in the Olympics, did you see… (blah, blah, swimming, swimming, blah, blah, excited, excited)

Other Person: Ummmm… no… (changes subject)

Sorry to leave you all hanging but John and I are having a fantastic time ruining any sleep we might otherwise be getting and watching all the swimming on our borrowed TV! Now if you’ll excuse me John is home and it’s time for me to go jump up and down while I rub in the fact that I saw the very exciting final of the men’s 100 free already (and the girls 200 fly and the 200 IM’s and did you see the girls 200 breast semis!?!)  and he hasn’t!

Don’t Forget to Pack Your Straw!

This past weekend we went up to the Superior area for a long weekend full of: train rides, birthdays, fathers day, swimming, fishing, boating and friends.

We’d love to visit the area more often except for the tiny problem of the 6 hour drive. And that is only the driving.  Peeing, eating, diaper changes, leg stretching, and waiting out a large thunderstorm with lots of tornadoes that just happens to be hanging out over the road you need to follow to get home, are all extra.  Once we added those in our drive home was about nine hours!

Now before someone says, how its not so bad , “just jump in the car pop a movie in and you’ll be set,” lets just set something straight.

We do not have a TV in our home.

We do not have a DVD player or anything like it in our car.

It is likely to stay that way indefinitely.

I like to think this is a good thing.  I might be wrong, it may be unreasonable, but I’ve been known to cling stubbornly to unreasonable ideas before. I have kept up my own personal ban of the Harry Potter movies for many years now, and lived most of my life in a TV-less environment.  I think I can swing keeping movies out of my vehicles.

For now both of our girls are very good in the car, and really the only problem is I keep forgetting to pack my earplugs…

Have I ever mentioned my oldest daughter’s ability to talk?

Have I mentioned that she LOVES the captive audience a car creates?

So, knowing that we had a big car ride, and that if a certain someone uttered the phrases “What?” or “What kind of…” or “Hold it on it’s BACK Mom!”  too many times I’d lose the last of the sanity I had remaining after a frantic day of packing, I tried to be well prepared.

We  had a bag of toys:

We had a pile of books:

And then we had the most sought after item, the most played with item, the item that literally kept Ivy busy for two hours, the item that made all the rest of the things I brought along pale in comparison….

the straw.

Who needs a princess movie when you can play the trumpet with a McDonald’s straw?