The White Princess by Philippa Gregory

At the very high risk of exposing the extent of my book nerdiness to the world I will tell you that when I discovered this book at the library I was so excited I got goosebumps. Then I quickly grabbed it off the shelf before anyone else could get it, ran to check it out and happily skipped home with it under my arm. (Figuratively speaking of course. I travel with three young girls in a truck with a bum starter but we don’t need to get into that.)

Would I recommend it? Yes.

You could read The Lady of the Rivers, The Red Queen , The White Queen and The Kingmakers Daughter* first if you wanted to be all proper in your historical timeline but it’s not necessary. Of course you’ll love this book so much that you’ll want to read them all when you are done anyway so you might as well start at the beginning!

*I read The Kingmakers Daughter as well and, unsurprisingly, I also loved it!