All That Blue

Is there anything better than the blue sky of a fall day?blue sky

Just look at all that blue!

Oh, and our road – you can look at that too.

We can even pretend it’s a “street” as per the photo challenge of the day.

But it’s not, it’s a road.

Well, technically a highway but certainly not a street, it’s got far too many cornfields to ever be a street.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Storyhouse demo

We sat, truck idling, windshield wipers flapping, watching in horror and fascination as the big machine went to take yet another bite of out of our old house.

There it all was.

The expanding road that forced the move, and the remains of our first house. It’s paltry insulation rests among the shingles we put on ourselves. The front door that never closed well enough to lock properly falls out the side as my favorite red shutters fall off the front. The bay window still stands as the remaining peony gets crushed under the mess. An un-grounded kitchen outlet lays exposed as my handmade curtains hide just beyond the window.

That was this morning. Tonight, it’s gone.

Nothing but memories now.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escaperoad

Back in February I wrote that the line had been redrawn and that the highway construction on our road would also involve the demolition of our home.

Since then we have had, as expected, many meetings, phone calls, e-mails, appraisals and offers but we are severely lacking in the decision department. As of today, we have 88 days (not that I’m counting or anything) before the DOT buys our and house we need to start deciding.

But, weighing the options of something we never wanted to do in the first place has been hard. Do we buy, build, rent, stay local, move away? We talk ourselves in circles everyday and leave our conversations with a vague feeling of nausea but no closer to a real decision.

Today, after a morning of looking at properties and an afternoon of feeling ill when faced with the options and decisions before us John called me from work and told me we needed to think positive. Then he told me a very long paragraph worth of stuff that he is going to remember when he gets frustrated. It was all nice, happy stuff and I’m sure it will do wonders for him.

As for me, I had spent the afternoon cleaning up cheesy, toddler puke. My attention span is short and I’m much better at, as John would say, “mustering the hate” than thinking up long, flowery, positive statements. I needed something a bit more concise and it didn’t take me long to come up with a nice, short, memorable phrase of my own.

No matter what, we are escaping the road, life will be good.

Not only is the road the source of our current trouble but ever since the first Monday we lived here and the shock I had when the first semi’s started flying by I have hated it. I have hated the cars, the trucks, and the semi’s. I have hated the man with the barking dog that used to go by every day at 3:30, the way we live in the country yet are always on display, the heart stopping feeling of seeing any of our animals out on the road, and the fear that the semi behind us isn’t going to stop and wait as we turn into the driveway- again. I have been mustering the hate for the road for a long time.

So, when I am next faced with the overwhelming decisions before us I believe that I will have no trouble remembering…

No matter what, we are escaping the road, life will be good.

Then John called back and told me a confusing story about a 50$ bills in a urinal and how he should buy me a goat to make the move easier.

Yeah, I didn’t get it either.

But, I’ve always wanted goats and so I’m not questioning it. I just told him a goat always needs a friend and changed my phrase a bit…

No matter what, we are escaping the road and getting goats, life will be great.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Weekly Photo Challenge: Changewillow fence with survey flags

Some years spring suddenly changes the land from the grey of winter to a burst of greenery and color. But this year, as spring slowly creeps it’s way forward, the survey markers for the new right of way are the most flamboyant reminder of change in our yard.

The road that you can see through the willows is due for improvements and our house, along with the willow fence, is in the new right of way.

Change is a commin’!

(For more of the depressing details you can read A Line Drawn)

A Line Drawn

It’s official, the line has been drawn and it’s no proverbial line in the sand this time.

For months we have been fretting about the proposed plans to the highway we live on. Widening lanes, adding paved shoulders, better drainage, wider right of ways, it all sounded fine, until we looked at the plans. The plans that showed our house sitting on it’s own tiny peninsula of land in the right of way. After discussions, tears, e-mails, phone calls, public information meetings, hope, despair, plan changes, and septic system explorations, we were offered the option of moving the right of way line through the house. This option, the option we have chosen, comes with demolition plans, relocation specialists, appraisals, options to move or rebuild, moving reimbursements and more hope for our living location than we’ve had in a long time.

What it does not come with is hope for our with wreath

And while everyone who has ever lent a hand and helped with one of the many projects and updates we’ve worked on has cheered when they found out that our house will be reduced to a large pile of toothpicks I can’t help but be sad.

It’s true that our home has at times been a nightmare to work on, a hundred years of different owners fixing problems in their own “unique” ways. But the work we have put into the many upgrades that we’ve made- the almost finished projects that are doomed to stay that way – the ideas and plans only half realized of making our home just exactly how we want it – abandoned and unfinished- not for someone else to pick up and carry on – but to turn to rubble…

I find it hard to smile with the rest of them.

I know this is the right decision, I may be teary eyed at the prospective changes but the thought of leaving our house where it is is much worse. Soon we’ll have more meetings and e-mails, phone calls and appraisals, offers, and decisions and we’ll know the direction our lives will be headed. My mind will stop spinning in furious circles and I’ll be able to start to plan for our new home, where ever it may be.  The excitement will build and it will be easier to close the door on this one.

But now, right now, as we wait and decide, I feel we have failed to finish what we’ve started and more than a little homeless.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

The clematis plant close to the camera is growing up my front porch.

In the background you can see the road and get any idea how close it is to our house.

In fact the house is close enough to the highway that a split second after the photo was taken the wind from that big blue semi blew the flowers around.

But, we have planted many trees and a willow fence across part of the yard and the road is close to tolerable.

Unfortunately they are very close to redoing the entire road that we live on.

We are waiting, and waiting, and waiting to see how this will affect our property and if the road will come any closer than it is.

And all this waiting is pushing me much closer to crazy than I’d like!