The Fight

My two older girls were fighting. They ripped things out of each others hands, and they cried, and they yelled, and they stomped, and they slammed doors, and they came running to tattle on each other.

“MOM! She won’t let me clean the toilet!!!”

Ivy and Clara

The children of which I speak not fighting. (I had to use an rather old picture because ever since we got a kitten I no longer photograph my children.)

As the mother I’m taking this as one of those good news/bad news situations.

The good news is that now my toilets are really clean.

The bad news is that some days my kids will use anything as an excuse to pick a fight.


Toilet Paper

Thirty Six.

I’m thirty six years old.

I have three children that I haven’t manged to lose or have taken away from me. I can put food on the table on a regular basis. I take care of dogs and cats and chickens and ducks and geese and pigs and bees and a dove and they all seem content with my care. I can do the laundry and build tables. I can write blogs and repair minor electrical issues. I can shoot a shotgun and cut up the hindquarter of a deer. I can do a handstand, race a canoe and grow my own vegetables.

I am in many regards a totally successful adult.

So why, why, can I not remember to buy toilet paper on a regular basis?

Why are we always making an emergency toilet paper run?

Why do I do things like beg my friends for a roll of toilet paper so it doesn’t have to be an emergency and then forget it ?

Why have I done that exact same thing twice this year?

And why, why is it that it takes a half a roll of toilet paper in a house with four girls before I realize that we are out.

Every. Time.

Come on all you lovely readers, it can’t be just me! Make me feel better, what’s the one thing you always forget?



I’ve Been Looking Like This…

For the last week I’ve mostly looked like this:DSCN0780-(2sm)

Well, less fur,shorter snout, but same general position.

Two varieties of antibiotics later and I am hoping that soon I’ll be back to my normal blogging self.

Until then I shall leave you with a bathroom conversation with Clara.

Clara:” MOOOM!!!!! MOOOMMMM!!! MOM!! MOM!! MOM!!”

Me (go into bathroom to find Clara on toilet): “Yes?”

Clara: “People don’t eat bugs – cause they yucky.”

Me: “Yes….”

Clara: “…..”

Me: “???”

Look Before You Sit!

John, having been raised in a home where he was the only male, is fantastic about always putting the toilet seat down. This is a habit I have always appreciated and admired in my husband and for years I have not had to worry about what sort of condition I might find the toilet in.  But this morning my complacency almost lead to catastrophe. I need to remember that now I am in a home that is raising three girls and I must look before I sit.

You just never know who might have used it last!