This Moment- Rainy Day Campers

A Friday ritual. 

A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. 

A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.


Island Camping

It was my brothers idea and it wasn’t even a bad one. (As his sister I’m required to say stuff like that.)

As kids we had taken many summer trips island camping in the flowages of northern Wisconsin and now that our own kids were all out of the major diaper/nap/crying stages he suggested we do it again.

The weather was rather…

…uncooperative……but it didn’t matter.

There was still fishing…


…and canoeing…


… and kayaking..

… and games…

… and sand to play in…

…and boats to learn to drive…


…and general silliness with cousins…

… and one very happy, very tired, rather stinky dog.

As we packed up on Sunday that brother of mine had another idea.

He said we should do it again next year.

I agreed wholeheartedly.

Because sometimes that brother of mine has really good ideas.

For accuracy’s sake I feel compelled to note that while we started with seven people more family joined us throughout the trip until we numbered 12. I however took more pictures of kids, bumblebees and my dog than anything else and they are all highly underrepresented in photos. Sorry family! 

New Mantra

I’ve heard people wax poetic about the joys returning from vacation to their home and family.

I think they are all  liars.

Personally I seem to be half stuck in vacation mode, confused and overwhelmed by home life.  It’s all a bit – “Wait, I have to make you all lunch?” mixed with a touch of, “Where did all you weeds come from?” finished with a dab of “How could all you animals possibly have pooped this much while I was gone?”

So before I become re-mired in broken water heaters (Welcome home!),  potty training, crying, lawn mowing, cooking (Three meals a day, what is with that?) and laundry I thought I’d share a few more photos of our fantastic trip to Colorado as I repeat my new mantra…



… it was worth it. It was worth it. It was worth it…


Camp Out

It’s possible that a combination of the new baby, the unfavorable weather and general life with the almost five and two year old have brought John and I to the end of our patience… and sanity.


Really possible.

Today John came up with the brilliant idea that he and the girls were going camping. Chores were done in the morning, their room was cleaned and in the afternoon we erected our tent in their room. Once John convinced Ivy that they were playing camping and not “You be the prince I’ll be the princess” we had a fun afternoon. There was “sleeping” and playing in the tent, fishing down the stairwell. (Ivy caught a musky, John caught a tiny blue gill  and Clara caught a “gill” but she said it was no good and she threw it in the garbage… or so I heard.) Then John and Ivy cooked baked potatoes and hot dogs in the wood-stove for our camp dinner.  In general it was an afternoon of fun, lots of sanity saving fun.

Then tucked in their new sleeping bags, flashlights beaming, the girls  were ready for their exciting night of camping out… …for about five minutes.

Then Ivy tearfully hollered that she wanted to sleep in her bed…

… and Clara didn’t, but nobody wanted to be lonely, but everyone needed water, and Clara needed Chap Stick, and it was too dark, and, and, and….

Ahh camping…sanity.. patience… they were good while they lasted.