Jane was squatting down on the driveway trying to catch boxelder bugs. Happily babbling away and telling me all about it she’d inch forward, reach out to grab one, miss, giggle and repeat.

Enter Clara.

Clara clomps in front of her, surveys the situation, and smashes a bug flat.

“Oh, Clara! Jane was trying to catch one of those!”

Clara reassess, moves her foot off the smashed bug and offers it to Jane.

Jane carefully picks up the flattened boxelder bug and runs to me with it excitedly “telling” me all about it.

I was still wondering if that was a good teamwork or if Jane is just a really easy going kid, when they found a toad.

I had a moment of pause when Clara went to help Jane catch it.Clara, Jane and Toad

The toad and I were both happy that the teamwork was a bit more conventional this time!

Wicked Bugs by Amy Stewart

There I am, standing at the circulation desk of the library waiting as my pile of books gets checked out when yet another book catches my eye.Wicked Bugs by Amy Stewart

How could I have missed it? The cover is muted red with black and shiny gold highlights. The title “Wicked Bugs” sounds interesting but once I see that the subtitle involves the word “diabolical” I pick it up.

I pick it up and discover that it is one of those hard cover books.

Perhaps someone can help me out here because I have no idea what the technical term is for this kind of cover. All I know is that there are hardcovers, and then there are those hardcovers. Those hardcovers have a matte finish, feel extra soft in hand and once I’m holding a book with one of those covers it’s all over. The book practically screams to come home with me, I must know what’s inside.  Need it even be said? – I love those covers.

Once I’m done swooning over my favorite cover I see that it’s a unique size. Squarish, but not so square as to be awkward, just enough to be different. Smaller and cuter (which is saying something since I count ten bugs on the front alone) than your average book.

So, there I am, abandoning my favorite librarian mid-conversation, already in love with a book I have yet to open.

I quickly page through it and it just gets better. Line drawings of giant bugs, fancy fonts, off set quotes, informative boxes, classifications at the top of the page including “Horrible,” “Deadly” and “Painful” and the paper -it’s good paper, thick paper, I love this book.

I toss it on the top of my already too big pile, attempt to ignore the look from John which is trying to subtly inquire if I’ll ever be doing the dishes again with this pile of books to read and say “This one too!” just in case there is some other library patron ready to swoop in and take my new favorite book from me.

Would I recommend it? Need you ask? I’ve already read it, but it’s not due back at the library yet so I’m keeping it around the house thrusting it at people and forcing them to read crazy, wicked bug facts while admiring the cover.

Also I have made a mental note never to move any further south, too many “wicked bugs” down there where it’s warm!

And a second mental note that I must next read Wicked Plants by the same author.

And that e-readers are probably not my thing.

And that while I just gave this a broad recommendation probably people who go through the roof when they see a spider wouldn’t appreciate the larger than life drawings involved.

And a final mental note that the rest of my mental notes should be on post-it’s as  I’ve been staying up way too late reading to be able to remember all this stuff.

I’ve Been Looking Like This…

For the last week I’ve mostly looked like this:DSCN0780-(2sm)

Well, less fur,shorter snout, but same general position.

Two varieties of antibiotics later and I am hoping that soon I’ll be back to my normal blogging self.

Until then I shall leave you with a bathroom conversation with Clara.

Clara:” MOOOM!!!!! MOOOMMMM!!! MOM!! MOM!! MOM!!”

Me (go into bathroom to find Clara on toilet): “Yes?”

Clara: “People don’t eat bugs – cause they yucky.”

Me: “Yes….”

Clara: “…..”

Me: “???”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

These are a few of the things that made me happy this Wednesday.

Notable absences are:

Trip – Who is with my brother in Montana happily hunting without me.

Ivy  – Sadly I missed the photo of her and Clara collecting eggs together. Kids playing together while doing chores makes me happy, happy, happy!

And the Ducks  -I challenge you to watch a line of duck walk around and not be just a little bit happier. I also challenge you to get within photographing distance of my ducks without panicking them out of there cute little ducky line.

Hope you also had a happy day!


In terrible mothering moments of the week I forgot to include Jane in my post. Of course she is a part of my daily happiness – she smiles lots, she giggles, she’s easy going, content and oh so easily overlooked in the chaos of the rest of the house.

On a positive note I haven’t forgotten her anywhere – yet – but I do take roll call when we get in the truck!

Russian Roulette Earwig Style

I have come to the conclusion that the earwigs invading our house are macho, gambling, earwigs.

Russian Roulette playing earwigs.

The earwigs, (renamed “PINCHERS!” by Clara) climb the stairs and see if their luck will hold.

Scenario One:

Clara sees a “PINCHER!” on the stairs. starts crying and refuses to move up or down the stairs until someone comes to help her. I come to help and attempt to make squishing the bug fun by stomping it with a toy horse, Clara refuses to be entertained or comforted by my actions. Earwig dies, Clara gets over it, life goes on.

Scenario Two:

Clara sees a “PINCHER!” on the stairs, starts crying and refuses to move up or down the stairs until someone comes to help her. I come to help and attempt to make squishing the bug fun by stomping it with a toy horse, Clara is amused. Ivy shows up with shouts of “MOM YOUR HURTING IT!” Well, yes Ivy, you are right. I’m sorry I wasn’t intending to hurt it, I was intending to smash the life from it… let me try again. Earwig dies, Ivy cries, Clara and I leave confused.

Scenario Three:

Clara sees a “PINCHER!” on the stairs, starts crying and refuses to move up or down the stairs until someone comes to help her. Ivy comes to help and smashes the earwig with a toy horse. Earwig dies,  Clara and Ivy are satisfied, I wonder what brought about Ivy’s change of heart.

Scenario Four:

Clara sees a “PINCHER!” on the stairs and calls for her bug catcher and help catching it.  Once caught she examines it closely and carries it around until it dies. Clara is happy, I am slightly confused, and the earwig dies.

As a side note this was the best two dollar Christmas gift I’ve ever bought: Little Bug Locket

Scenario Five:

Clara sees a “PINCHER!” on the stairs starts crying and refuses to move, the rest of her evil family refuses to go to her aid. Clara cries harder, earwig escapes with life. Clara stops crying and finishes walking down the stairs. Earwig wins.

Scenario Six:

I see earwig crawling on the stairs, without screaming anything I silently smush it. Ivy notices and yells at me for smashing the bug. I wonder what brought about Ivy’s change of heart… again.

Our house – the home of the Earwig Sudden Death Casino.

Winners of Earwig Russian Roulette then meet up in the bathtub to drink drops of water and talk smart about their bravery. That is until they hear Clara’s cry of  “PINCHER!” and discover they accidentally entered Earwig Russian Roulette- Bathtub style.