Ivy’s Favorite Things

Sometimes when trying to distract Ivy I ask her a million “What’s your favorite…” questions.

I feel it evens us out a bit on the question asking.

Here is our last question and answer session.

What is your favorite…

Color- Pink

Animal – Ponies and Horses (Don’t try to make her pick just one or she’ll get mad at you!)

Food – Bananas and Apples (really? really?)

Clothes- Dresses and Skirts (Bananas and dresses, how does this happen???)

Dog – Piper

Cat – Fiona

Person -Mom

Thing to do – Picking flowers and raspberries and blueberries (She’s never picked blueberries, but she has picked and delivered at least three bunches of imaginary flowers today.)

Thing to do inside -just play

Chore- baby chicks

Time of day – night time (Odd since night time and bedtime are usually linked in her mind but I’ll go with it.)

Place to go  -park

Thing to do at the park – go on the slides

Book – Elephants Child

Thing to do with Clara -wrestle (Yes, unfortunately it is.  If Clara could talk I doubt she would answer the same.)

Friend -Natalie and horses…Natalie (Go Natalie, you got a billing above horses!)

Uncle -Tyler (actually this was me saying “What’s your favorite..” and she said “Uncle! Tyler!”)

Meal – Macaroni

Movie -Xialin showdown (Which I suspect she hasn’t seen in about a year and never requests to watch, but really, what do I know!)

To do in the car- (After lots of thinking…) play with horses and ponies


There you have it, Ivy’s favorite things of the moment.

She changes her answers often.

This is good.

It gives me hope that wrestling and bananas could be on their way out!

7 comments on “Ivy’s Favorite Things

  1. johnny says:

    Haha! These are excellent!
    What about favorite cousin? 😉

  2. thinkbigmuch says:

    Her favorite mom’s friend? Surely Sarah.

  3. […] A little over a year ago I tried to ask Ivy as many questions as she asked me. I never succeeded in my efforts to even out the question asking but I wrote down some of her answers and you can find them here: Ivy’s Favorite Things. […]

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