Ivy’s Favorites at Seven Years Old

Ivy, what’s your favorite…Ivy and daffodils

Color – Blue (So, let me tell you a little story. There was a week or two of school where all the kids were encouraged to dress a different color every day. And every day Ivy insisted that she had nothing green to wear or that all her red clothes were dirty or that she didn’t like brown. Until pink day. Pink day she was all pink. According to John when he asked about her sudden enthusiasm for color day she said, “I can out pink anybody!” But that was then, we are into blue now. Apparently. )

Animal – Dolphins and manatees. (That’s news to me as well. Good thing I ask these questions, already I’ve learned so much!)

Food – Pizza

Clothes – Dresses

Dog – Trip

Cat – Cassie (It’s mutual. Cassie goes and sleeps on her bed even on the nights Ivy doesn’t track her down and lock her in her bedroom,)

Person – You

Thing to do – Play with Natalie and Sarah. (Sarah is Natalie’s mom. And sorry Sarah, I don’t actually think she wants to play with you. This is just her way of differentiating her friends named Natalie)

Thing to do outside – Play on the rope swing (The rope swing is very popular around here!)

Chore – I don’t have one. (Oh so true!)

Time of day – Night

Place to go – Water park

Song – Let it Go (Please could someone convince her you only sing “Let it go” twice in the chorus not three times!)

Flower – Rose

Farm Animal – Horses

Thing about school – Recess

Friend – Lucy

Movie – Frozen (Our friend told us Frozen is like crack for kids, I think he’s right.)

Thing to do with Clara – Play baby and mamma. (The game that will not die.)

Thing to do with Jane – Take a bath. (That’s funny because every time she takes a bath and Jane wants to get in with her she freaks out and says she hates taking baths with Jane.)

Thing to do with Dad – Work in the workshop.

Thing to do with Me – Have you read to me.

Book – Pee Wee Scout

Meal –  Dinner, because we can have dessert. (Yeah!)

Thing to do in the car – Play with magnet books. (I agree magnet books are a fantastic toy to bring out on long car rides.)

What do you want to do when you grown up? Be a diver in the Olympics. (I’m already cringing waiting to hear what John has to say about that!)

Anything else? –”I love you Natalie!” (Awww!)

That’s it, the final installment of “What’s your favorite…” until next year! If a year is too long to wait you can entertain yourself with Ivy’s previous favorite things:

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7 comments on “Ivy’s Favorites at Seven Years Old

  1. johncoyote says:

    A beautiful photo and she is a amazing girl. I have three daughters. The girls seem to love the daddy more. Easy to make their daddy follow and support their cause and will.

  2. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Aw, great interview 🙂

  3. Imelda says:

    How nice that you are able to track down the changes in children’s preferences. 🙂 They’d laugh out loud at this information years later.

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