Ivy’s Favorites at Eight Years Old

Ivy, what’s your favorite…Ivy

Color – Blue (Interesting…)

Animal – Cheetah

Food – Tortellini Casserole (She must not know I always hide green stuff in there.)

Clothes –Grey workout pants with the pink stripe (Because blue’s her favorite color so of course those are her favorite pants. Also why do my children hate jeans? Don’t they know that jeans are the best thing ever?)

Dog – “Auntie Anne’s little dog – she’s adorable!” (Auntie Anne’s little dog is a papillon. She may be adorable but I was thinking of getting another Great Dane for my next dog…)

Cat – Cassie! (Cassie still loves going to bed with Ivy and on nights Ivy’s not home Cassie follows me around demanding to know where she’s gone.)

Person – You and Dad and Natalie

Thing to do – biking

Thing to do inside – play with legos

Chore – Letting out the chickens and the ducks because you get to see the baby chicks and you get to see how many duck eggs are there for Clara.

Time of day – Morning or afternoon. (I will say that she is, unfortunately, the only person in the house who is truly a morning person. But since she walks around the house trying to wake people up and then getting yelled at for her troubles, that’s probably not as fun as afternoons are for her.)

Place to go – waterpark

Song – Better Dig Two (by The Band Perry) and my Songs Know What You Did in the Dark, what Jane calls the Bam Bam song  (by Fall Out Boy)

Flower – Iris! No, ummmmm…. snowdrop.

Farm Animal – Ivy: “I’m trying to remember what they are called.” Me & John in unison: “There is a farm animal you don’t know what it’s called?!?” John: “Mammal or Bird?” Ivy: “It’s a chicken. What are the puff balls called?” Me: “Polish chickens.” (Phew, I was worried there for a second. Of course now I have a new concern-  Polish chickens, Ivy? Really?!)

Thing about school –Daily Five (A very long explanation followed my question on what exactly that was. I’m shortening it to: different reading and writing options that they get to choose from every day.)

Friend – “Natalie – obvious.” (Please use your best “Duh Mom” voice when you read that.)

Movie – Enchanted and Secretariat

Thing to do with Clara – Nothing. (Some car rides are harder than others, they happily do many things together, just not that day.)

Thing to do with Jane – The tree game (That’s when Jane bikes toward Ivy on her tricycle and she waves a tree branch as a signal. A bit like red light, green light but with the added fun of possibly bonking your sister in the head with a giant leafy branch.)

Thing to do with Dad – Biking (Oh dear. John went running and Ivy biked along recently. I only heard about it but it sounded like a best laid plan gone terribly awry.)

Thing to do with Me – Sewing (We’ve not done that in… lets see… umm… forever.)

Book – Ottoline and the Yellow Cat

Meal – Dinner

Thing to do in the car – Play with the GPS. (Probably because we let her do that for the first time just before the questions started.) Read books. (Yay for readers in the car!)

What do you want to do when you grown up? “Be a mom, but I really haven’t decided.”

Anything else? – Ivy: ‘What’s my favorite tree?” Me:  “What is your favorite tree?” Ivy:  “UUUUUHHHHHHHHHH………. apple” (That was a hard one I guess!)

Favorite Fruit – Wolf River apples (Yeah – we have an apple orchard, how’d you guess?)Ivy in the field

This is the fifth year I’ve asked Ivy her favorites everytime has been remarkably enlightening and entertaining!

Here they all are:

Ivy’s Favorites at Seven Years Old

Ivy’s Favorites at Six Years Old

Ivy’s Favorites at Five Years Old

Ivy’s Favorite Things

13 comments on “Ivy’s Favorites at Eight Years Old

  1. junekearns says:

    What a wonderful childhood your children have, Jessie.

  2. Julie says:

    So fun to look back at these times.

  3. Laura Ohman says:

    Agreed, highly entertaining! I can hear her saying the words in my head along with your descriptions. Love it.

  4. fireflyby says:

    This is beautiful! I really enjoyed reading this!

    • Jessie says:

      I’m glad you liked it. Sometimes I think I’ll be the only one who’ll like the “what’s your favorite…” posts- happy to see I’m wrong!

  5. Becky, Cuddle Fairy says:

    What a lovely list! Letting out the chicks and ducks is fantastic, sounds like a really nice place to live! Love the photo in the field too x

  6. dianeschuller.com says:

    I adore that you do this with them. How special for them to read them later on — teen years!! and as adults.

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