April Snow Woes

It’s that problem you have when the day before the ground was solid mud but today it’s all snow covered and frozen.

When you are accustomed to being a glorious white but the mud has lingered and you are are hardly fit to be seen.

When all the puddles and ponds have frozen and all you have left is a water bowl.

And it’s just too small for a decent bath.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons

The snow melted and we lurched out of winter and landed, with a giant squelching plop, right in the mud season.

Mud season, where we have weeks of grey skies and squishy ground, cool temperatures and muddy dogs. Weeks where even the emergence of the first snow drops can only boost a mood so far.

But, I found if I stand in the green house and look at the grey skies and bare trees from just the right angle it can be a remarkably pleasant view.greenhouse flowers

Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons


Snow Melt

In less than a week we have gone from over a foot of snow cover to mud with patches of icy slush.

Clara has tried to make the best of the situation.mud sledding

Jane and I appreciate Clara’s efforts but we feel the same way about the loss of our snow.Jane crying on sled

And Ivy…Ivy  …Ivy is ready to embrace all the warm weather she can get!


Reason #123 We Do A Lot Of Laundry…

… is because the first warm, rainy day of spring goes like this:

1) The kids refuse to go outside because they might get wet.

2) They see a puddle and run outside to splash in it.DSCN8395-(2sm)

3) All the clothes they are wearing get wet and muddy so the kids them off and throw them on the ground.

4) Then they play naked until they get cold.

5)Next they jump shivering into the shower until they are warmed up and ready to dry off with a new towel.

6) The new, wet towel gets dropped in one of the dirty puddles of water that they created on their way into the shower.

7) And then – they take clean laundry out of the basket and put it on.

8) Finally, no matter how I suggest, shout or cajole in an attempt to convince them that perhaps this progression could be slightly altered to allow for less laundry, they ignore, sneak and giggle their way through it again, and again until it’s time for bed.

Muddy Jane


So, tonight my plans are, you guessed it, laundry!

Perfection Pending

Reason #93 We Do A Lot of Laundry…

… because the kids “help.”

Jane has got the right idea.

When your shirt gets dirty in the mud puddle you take it off because it needs washing. Jane "washing' shirt

It’s a good first step.

She’s also onto the fact that washing involves scrubbing in water.

Jane "scrubbing"

Even though she seems to take after me, (laundry does not make her smile) I think she’s well on her way to being an expert clothes washer.

Her drying technique on the other hand…shirt in the mud

…now that’s a problem!