Rainy Afternoon

It was a rainy afternoon.rose with rain drops

It was the gentle kind of rainy afternoon when you can leave the windows open and let the house fill with the fresh wet scent of growing things.  It was the kind of rainy afternoon that after you check on the new pigs (sleeping) the new ducklings (sleeping) and goslings (sleeping) that is just perfect for crawling into bed between a child (sleeping) and a cat (sleeping), while your dog curls up next to you on the floor (sleeping). iris with rain drops

It was a perfect, sleepy, rainy afternoon.

Sometimes you need vacations from your vacations. We had a great long weekend but I was glad for today’s rain induced napping opportunity! 



November Rose

John tells me there is a space in the world for white flowers,

that they are too often overlooked in favor of their flashier companions.

This may be true,

or it’s that he’s color blind.

Either way, around here, a rose in November deserves a little recognition for being brave.white rose in november

Just for being,

no matter the color.


Garden Blooms

Most of the time my gardens look better in my mind. irisIn my own theoretical universe I shower them with time and attention and they reward me with a constant show of blooms.

clematis And sometimes the beauty of reality puts my dreams to shame.

10:11 12/13/14

It’s foggy, misty, rainy and muddy in that way where the damp and chill seeps right to your bones.black and white foggy orchard

But inside the greenhouse the peas are blooming!pea blossom

As I experiment and learn in the greenhouse I may not yet have figured out how to make much of a meal for the family during the dark days of winter but there is no better food for the soul on a day like today than green, growing plants.

The Celery Growers

Early this spring the girls were with me in the greenhouse helping to plant the celery seeds.Celery sprouts

They had their hands in the dirt as we transplanted the young plants into the garden and were eager to man the hose and help water them through the early summer.  Once the celery was ready to be harvested they took over chopping it all by themselves so that I could freeze it for this winter.


But, despite what the “experts” say, I’ll bet you a doughnut they won’t touch it when they see it floating in their soup this winter.