Rainy Afternoon

It was a rainy afternoon.rose with rain drops

It was the gentle kind of rainy afternoon when you can leave the windows open and let the house fill with the fresh wet scent of growing things.  It was the kind of rainy afternoon that after you check on the new pigs (sleeping) the new ducklings (sleeping) and goslings (sleeping) that is just perfect for crawling into bed between a child (sleeping) and a cat (sleeping), while your dog curls up next to you on the floor (sleeping). iris with rain drops

It was a perfect, sleepy, rainy afternoon.

Sometimes you need vacations from your vacations. We had a great long weekend but I was glad for today’s rain induced napping opportunity! 



Reason #123 We Do A Lot Of Laundry…

… is because the first warm, rainy day of spring goes like this:

1) The kids refuse to go outside because they might get wet.

2) They see a puddle and run outside to splash in it.DSCN8395-(2sm)

3) All the clothes they are wearing get wet and muddy so the kids them off and throw them on the ground.

4) Then they play naked until they get cold.

5)Next they jump shivering into the shower until they are warmed up and ready to dry off with a new towel.

6) The new, wet towel gets dropped in one of the dirty puddles of water that they created on their way into the shower.

7) And then – they take clean laundry out of the basket and put it on.

8) Finally, no matter how I suggest, shout or cajole in an attempt to convince them that perhaps this progression could be slightly altered to allow for less laundry, they ignore, sneak and giggle their way through it again, and again until it’s time for bed.

Muddy Jane


So, tonight my plans are, you guessed it, laundry!

Perfection Pending

A Wee Bit Damp

It’s a wee bit damp here.This corn needs snorkles!

Not to worry, we happen to have a flotilla worth of boats in the barn.

I figured the people go in the first canoe and we’ll string the rest up behind.

We’ll fill another canoe with chickens, one with the essential “stuff”, the dogs can bring up the tail in the kayak and the ducks will swim along next to us.

Driveway/RiverSo go ahead, you stationary front you, drop all the rain you like.

I’m prepared.

Just please, please stop with the giant cracks of thunder at five AM, they cause… disharmony… in my household.

Did I Just Say What I Thought I Said? IX

This week the weather has mostly looked like this:rain

and Jane’s good moments have looked like this:DSCN1316-(2sm)

So, perhaps without too much trouble you can imagine that my own mood is dipping south of Merry Poppins territory and headed more toward Evil Monster Mom land.

Unsurprisingly Evil Monster Mom lost her cool this afternoon shouted at Clara during lunch:

“Clara, get that pork chop off your head and sit back down at the table!”

Fortunately, though I didn’t let Clara know it, the humor in it struck me enough that instead of implementing my plan to run away from home to someplace childless and sunny I have instead decided to eat all the chocolate in the house.

… for now….