Morning Frost

The first warning of winter sparkles in the morning light.

A beautiful sign that cold, killing weather is on the horizon and with it the season of rest and silent renewal.



Pumpkin Pictures

I am quite convinced…Clara and pumpkin

…there can never be enough pictures of kids with pumpkins.Jane with pumpkin

Or kids on pumpkins.Ivy on pumpkins

And I particularly feel there can never be enough pictures of kids with their Great Gramps and pumpkins.Ivy, Clara, Jane, Gramps and pumpkins

But, until next year…

the pumpkin mobile

…these will have to do.

Winter is Coming

They say winter is coming.

The area is full of winter storm warnings, dire predictions and people shivering at the mere thought of snowy weather arriving.

duck sleeping in leaf pile

Napping in the autumn sun.

But not me.

I’ll welcome the true winter weather when it comes.

Unfortunately, I suspect we are heading into nothing more than the transition period. The time of cloudy days and freezing temperatures with no snow but plenty of frozen puddles and icy mud patches that precedes real winter. duck in leaf pileI hope I’m wrong. Maybe winter will show up for good tonight.

We’ve been spoiled by a long fall of gorgeous weather but it’s about time for a little cold. It may come with beautiful snowfalls and freezing temperatures or it may be a month of slush, but I’ve got my warm fire and a pile of books to read.

I’m ready!

Update: It’s snowing!!! It may all melt tomorrow but first snow is always magic! 


Laundry Day

It was laundry day.

But it was not a day for doing laundry.

It was a day of perfect weather and blue skies.yello maple leaves

It was the kind of day that makes those of us who live with the ebb and flow of four full seasons glow. We shine as if to match the glowing autumn leaves because we know that we are just that lucky to live these blue sky days of fall.

These blue sky days of fall aren’t worth missing.

It was a day for looking up,Looking up

and digging down.transplanting

A day for bare feet in leaves,Jane running in leaves

and watching honey bees.honey bees

It was laundry day.

But it was not a day for doing laundry.