This Moment – Cookie Kiss

A Friday ritual.

A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. 

A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Jane and John making cookies


Sometimes I write…

Sometimes I write blog posts…

Cookies for our capoeira group's fundraiser.

Cookies for our capoeira groups fundraiser.

…and sometimes I decorate cookies.

(And sometimes I do a smidgen of both as photo proof that I am the “baker” I claim to be on my about page.)

Happy Tribus Day!

Happy Tribus Day!

A day to celebrate cookies, tea and blogging!Cookies, Tea, Blogging

What? You’ve never heard of it?

That’s OK. I’m sure it’s only because, thanks to CoachDaddy and Rarasaur, it came into existence earlier this week. And what a fantastic concept, because, well, cookies, tea and blogging! It’ll be international by this time next year!

(Of course if cookies, tea and blogging aren’t your thing, Tribus Day can work with that too. Just pick your three favorite things and start the celebration. That’s the beauty of Tribus day!)

I am happy to let cookies reside at the top of my list. They are my favorite thing, specifically chocolate chip cookies. I like other cookies, I might love some other cookies. But chocolate chip cookies never disappoint and that is a beautiful thing in a dessert.cookies

Cookies are extra fantastic because I like to bake. I’m not going to claim to be some expert baker but I’m a master craving fulfill-er. You come to my house looking for cookies, give me 20 minutes and I’ll have a hot one for you. Though you should plan to bring a Diet Coke just in case. You see I have this thing about baking (and driving, and waking up from a nap, and 3 o’clock in the afternoon and sitting at the computer and late at night with bourbon…) it’s just better with a Diet Coke at hand.making cookies with a Diet Coke

While cookies can be made on short order, the tea is always available.

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Better. #notamorningperson

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Mornings inevitably lead to a quick zap in the microwave in order to get the caffeine into my body as soon as possible. Other times of day I’m willing to wait for water to boil and the tea to steep properly for a superior cup. But in all that waiting you’ve got to do something, and nothing goes with tea quite like books.reading a book while waiting for water to boil Then once the tea is made you need to let it cool a bit so you can just finish the chapter, and then once it’s done there is such a nice rocking chair under the window, good light, and a spot nearby to set a cup of tea… Ahhhh!

As for blogging, well let me check some stats here… Looks like I’ve been blogging for 65 consecutive months and published 1,136 posts. This blogging business seems to have some appeal for me!

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I could get used to this!

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And the best part is that a majority of those posts have pictures. Pictures that I’ve taken. In the last few years my camera has gone from being somewhere about the house, to immediately accessible at all times. I have discovered that anything, even a trip to the park, can be made more enjoyable with a camera in hand.   And then, joy of all joys, I get to put them on my blog and share them! What’s not to love!?!

picture of laptop

I just tried to take a picture of the camera sitting next to the laptop – not my smartest move.


All three together?blogging, tea, cookies

Looks like a beautiful day!

Of course a day with my camera in hand and plenty of Diet Coke and books would be pretty awesome too.Camera, Diet Coke, BooksBut then I’d miss my cookies, blogging and tea!

Happy Tribus Day!

How will you celebrate?


Untrustworthy? Me?

You know that person?

The one who’s never met a so called “too rich” dessert?

The one who can eat her cake and your unwanted frosting too?

The one who incorporates chocolate chips into her breakfast anytime she can, always has something for dessert and takes her kids out on Halloween so she can eat their candy?

Yeah, that’s me.

So tonight when we ran out of Christmas cookies – I made dessert.

Gone. All gone.

All gone.

It was, if I do say so myself, fairly fantastic so I wasn’t surprised that Ivy asked for a piece to go into her lunch tomorrow.

I assured her that would be fine and found myself suddenly subjected to a cross examination on what exactly I would or would not be eating for the rest of the evening worthy of a lawyer to be.

It seems she feels I’m untrustworthy when it comes to desserts.

Cranberry Chocolate Chip Blondies

Mom plees do not eat all of them

After the girls went to bed I, of course, went to have another piece and found that Ivy had left nothing to chance.

So I just had one more small piece…

…or maybe two…

If you’d like to try these Cranberry Chocolate Chip Blondies for yourself I found the recipe here:

I needed to bake it quite a bit longer than the recipe called for and happily discovered that a few minutes outside at 0° will work just as well as letting them sit an hour before cutting. All in all they were quick, easy and, obviously, tasty!