Mundane Monday – Party Lights

There they wait in the living room, just waiting to get plugged in for an impromptu party or even a dreary Monday night.

party lights

Linking up with PhoTrablogger and her Mundane Monday post again because I love trying to take interesting pictures of everyday objects.  I ended up turning this picture on it’s side when I edited it, could you tell?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!Christmas lights

In short:

I love Christmas lights.

I hate printers.

Any epic battle has been raging between the printer and I this evening. I would like to print my Christmas letter and address labels. The printer would like to save everything as an .xps document.

The printer is winning.

If you know about printers that are only acting as savers feel free to throw some advice my way!